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please help with my jockey buff

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by fufu, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    i bought the jockey buff [flesh armor]
    but can not find it in the list after i enter to choose buff for jockey
    other buffs are fine

    i think when i pressed purchase was during map changing
    and as a result what shows in [flesh armor] was already bought
    but can not find it on the list to be equipped
    please help thank you

    here is my steam id
  2. your not the only person who has this problem. I also have this problem with the following...
    one of the smoker buffs (damage dealer): Vulnerable Panic
    four of the spitter buffs (1 in damage dealer) (3 in healer): Bleeding accelerator, Acid Illness, Healing Outage and Witch Supporter
    one of the jockey buffs and the one that fufu mentioned (1 in damage dealer) (1 in debuffer): Biological Bomb, Flesh Armor

    I can confirm that for all of these buffs i am unable to buy them even though i have enough money, pills and have the required level to do so.
    Screenshots below
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...246/D4817BD914B8C43E920FA0958B738FB0542BD274/ - I don't have the Vulnerable Panic Buff in my equippable buffs for the Smoker Damage dealer role.
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...136/CE9F37200ED2AB896B001224BE816A3B4A1B6029/ - I can't buy the Vulnerable Panic Buff
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...732/47AF4927CBA227C80F2DC03480379DEC94324B8C/ - I don't have the Bleeding accelerator Buff in my equippable buffs for the Spitter Damage dealer role.
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...940/A20B15B7693DE5A1E54A9168FFF36FDAB3CFED6F/ - I can't buy the Bleeding accelerator Buff
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...841/C7328195E68690680FA3C4D8F874AA1D1B75128F/ - I don't have the Acid Illness, Healing Outage and Witch Supporter Buffs in my equippable buffs for the Spitter Healer role.
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...965/A48D3D03BFE36704F4FE8E56E8E92B953E0ECD21/ - I can't buy the Acid Illness Buff
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...410/3F7755D5CCDA647699FEDCE29F3FF6068C74C4BE/ - I can't buy the Healing Outage Buff
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...783/5AFEFC9829FBC1B748AC626657FA2B39C9C7D923/ - I can't buy the Witch Supporter Buff
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...038/6EE359F5891A4BC0E3ED9E1B20FAA4D569407E41/ - I don't have the Biological Bomb Buff in my equippable buffs for the Jockey Damage dealer role.
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...530/8BC6EBAA862B3A156668B3B41A29EC48473DC98C/ - I can't buy the Biological Bomb Buff
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...839/8D554CAE7E6990D52FA4A63187BB4E1137DFEF63/ - I don't have the Flesh Armor Buff in my equippable buffs for the Jockey Debuffer role.
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...721/1C1BEFF91DA9A28BCEC067D7172591FF9FFF9EE0/ - I can't buy the Flesh Armor Buff

    or am i missing the point that all of the above buffs should have the (Not for sale) marks on them to let people know that they can't buy that buff. confusing to know.

    also just incase your gonna need it in the event of anything related to this forum thread, my STEAM ID is below
    STEAM_0:1: 79910477 (put a space between the : and 7 to prevent the emoticon from showing when together)
  3. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Those buffs are disabled because they are not functional. Unfortunately we messed up the config files and are still showing.

    They will be removed soon (In case anyone has purchased the buffs and have a cost associated, it will be refunded).

    Sorry for the trouble!
  4. Thanks for letting us know that we will be getting a refund for those disabled buffs. At least I know now which buffs to not include in my upcoming Usage of Buffs and Infected Roles guide :)

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