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    The new system is now fully automated, thus any orders you purchase for yourselves should be immediately available the moment the order has been completed. If you are currently in game when you perform your order, the items will be available after you reconnect to the server, or once the server has changed map.

    All store purchases are sent to the recipient's inventory. To activate any order, type !inv into chat, then navigate to and use the item. For buffs, you will also need to equip them for the effect to be active.

    Donor packages are also items now, so activate them from your inventory in the same way as any other item.

    As a result, for most cases creating a thread is unnecessary. The cases you should consider making a thread are as follows:
    • You have checked your inventory in-game after a few reconnects and can confirm the items aren't in your inventory
    • You wanted the items to go to another person but they ended up in your inventory
    • You want to spread different items to several different people
    In the event you do find yourself needing to create a thread, please leave your Order ID and your Steam ID, as well as the Steam IDs of any gift recipients for your order in the STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX format. If you don't know how to obtain your Steam ID, enter the steam profile link into this website, and copy the value labelled 'steamID'.
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