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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by HonorCode, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hey everybody, I want to leave something clear right now. Every player, be it lvl 1 or lvl 210, is allowed to play on our servers all the time. You don't have the right to kick a player out of the game, just because you find the player is either inexperienced or too low to be on the server.

    Everyone has the right to play, to share and to have fun on our servers. We didn't create this mod and we don't spend around $1000 each month for just a specific amount of players to play on our servers.

    Stop kicking players (!votekick) for the reasons stated above, or else, you will force us to put a !votekick usage command limit per day (Once per day), is that what we really have to do for all the votekick spam to stop?

    Votekick is there for a reason, to let players kick hackers, exploiters and team killers, not to kick every single person that you think does not deserve to play a game they bought.

    Seriously, if I continue getting complains about or witnessing vote kick abuse, I'll seriously make a !votekick command limit per day.

    Thanks for reading

  2. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    thats a very good idea, a votekick limit. And maybe instead of votekickimmunity we can also make limited votekick immunity.

    Like you are immume for 10 votes a day or something
  3. avilroad

    avilroad MG Donor

    Agree with you but...what's about those low levels which join extreme coop every day?
  4. Chocobo

    Chocobo New Member

    10? I think more like 3.

    Clearly if you even get votekicked 3 times then you are acting like a douchebag. If it was 10 time, everyone would just have to take turns votekicking someone until there was enough.
  5. atreyucore

    atreyucore Senior Member

    Didnt u just read wat honor said above avil lol. All lvls allowed on all servers
  6. Beasty Ribs

    Beasty Ribs Guest

    How about include a reason for the votekick? teamkilling, running ahead

    It might make people think before slapping F1 during a votekick.
  7. avilroad

    avilroad MG Donor

    Even on extreme COOP...Just lol
  8. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    limited votekickimmunity will cause donors not to be kicked for nothing or by votekickabuse, but if they really act like a jerk it will work if
    they get votekicked like more then 5 times.
  9. Chocobo

    Chocobo New Member

    Was that directed at me? If so, it made no sense based on what I said.
  10. WeeJocky

    WeeJocky Game Server Moderator

    I think it was directed at avilroad, wasn't it?
  11. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    Yes it was .. AVILroad
  12. Tsunami

    Tsunami Senior Member

    Votekick limit? NO!

    You think someone votekicks you unjustly? Just record a demo, and post it here. If the reason the player initiated the votekick is because you're a low level, or you're a spitter and HE wants to be a spitter, then said player gets banned for a week, even if he's a donor.

    Do that again, and the ban time doubles.

    End of story!
  13. Robinb

    Robinb MG Donor

    IMO, whilst it may take one to initiate a vote, it takes a majority to vote yes to actually kick someone. It would be interesting to know if there's a misunderstanding for the votekcik, or even automation of players to say "yes"...

    If misunderstanding is the reason, perhaps a reason for the votekick could be added with the vote? Flashes up on the screen/on the chat so players know the reason for the kick, and therefore more likely to vote on their decision rather than a "I didn't see it so I'll answer yes"?
  14. atreyucore

    atreyucore Senior Member

    directed to avil lol. Posting on iphone is slow lol we basically did post it the same time =p
  15. Optimus

    Optimus Junior Member

    What do you think each player has three votekicks per day to use the server I think it would help some high levels will not like but they forget that they were already too low level and low level so think that hinders and they just want to play because not all are playing to "win" but to enjoy the best server :D
  16. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    this thread is old now, and because nobody seem'd to listen, some action will be taken soon..

    /Closed for now
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