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    Just some thoughts I had in my mind that might help out on daily zombie-slaying:

    Aggressive Reaction [Defensive Buff]

    Receiving more than 450HP in an instance will trigger an explosion that will instantly kill common infected and special infected in a radius. Special infected that is under the effect of Moustachio Bless will be stunned for 3 second, Tanks will be stunned for 2 seconds.
    Decreases base health by 15%.
    <Incompatible with Tenacity and Persistence buff>
    <Can be set to auto activate or deactivate with Space and WALK(Shift)>
    <Usable once per round>
    <COOP only>

    Buff Requirements:

    Cost: $175,000
    FR-Pills cost: 450
    Level requirement: 201

    Adrenaline Rush [Enchancement for Adrenaline Run]

    Boosts your reload time by 15% for the duration of Adrenaline Run.
    <Incompatible with any buffs consists of reload reductions>
    <COOP only>
    <2 minutes cooldown>
    <Can be set to auto activate or deactivate by pressing WALK(Shift) and ZOOM key>

    Buff Requirements:
    • Mutation Refiner (20)
    • Steroid Injector (10)
    • Vinegar (5)
    • Leather Straps (10)

    Cost: $225,500
    FR-Pills cost: 350
    Level requirement: 190

    Team Captain [Ability Buff]

    While being a captain, you will receive 30% Defense, and immune to most CC's and SI's. You also deal 20% true damage every shot. But if your teammate around the radius gets incapacitated or killed, you will lose the ability to be immune to CC's, SI's and take 75% more damage on any sources for 30 seconds.
    <Incompatible with Tenacity and Persistence buff>
    <COOP only>
    <Can be activated in the !buy menu for 35 Bounty>
    <Timer resets if more teammate is incapped>
    <Does not work when rushing>

    Cost: $150,000
    FR-Pills cost: 450
    Level requirement: 165

    [EDIT 15/8]
    I'm back with more suggestions, and hopefully these are better suggestions:

    Tank Dominator [Miscellaneous Buff]

    Killing any tier tank will give you a Tank Dominator stack that will increase your true damage by 5%, movement speed by 2.5%, defense by 10%, and a 2.5% chance to block a killing blow and heal you for the damage you've taken before dying. Each stack lasts for 30 seconds and being incapacitated will remove a stack, dying will reset all the stacks.
    Tenacity bonus reduced by 50%.
    <Incompatible with Finale Dominator and Berserk Buff>
    <COOP only>

    Cost: $125,000
    FR-Pills cost: 375
    Level requirement: 201

    Grappling Hook [Utility Buff]

    Enables you to fire a grappling hook to reach a certain spot in the map. Firing a grappling hook towards an infected will deal 200 true damage and will bring you towards the target. Will deal 600 damage toward tanks.
    Your movement speed will be reduced by 25% while this buff is active.
    <Incompatible with Mobility Master>
    <COOP only>
    <Can be fired by holding SPACE and USE key>
    <18 cooldown before it can be used again>

    Cost: $200,000
    FR-Pills cost: 450
    Level requirement: 185

    Intensive Survivor [Defensive Buff]

    Upon being incapacitated, you won't be able to be revived by your teammates, but you will gain 200% more incapacitated health and increases your fire rate by 20%, and your damage is increased by 25%. Though, before being incapacitated, you will take 25% more damage and decreases your health by 30%. While this is active, you are able to revive survivors using medkits or pain pills/adrenaline. You can revive yourself with a medkit but won't be able to be revived by your teammates.
    <Incompatible with Down but not Out buff, Persistence and Tenacity Buff>
    <COOP only>

    Mechanical Armor [Defensive Buff]

    Increases your defense by 30% and your movement speed by 25%, but you won't be able to carry more primary weapon ammo and can only take secondary weapons as melees.
    Dashing through infected will either bash them or kill them (min. 250 damage).
    <Overrides Mobility Master>
    <Incompatible with Persistence and Tenacity>
    <COOP only>
    <Does not work while incapacitated>

    Cost: $150,000
    FR-Pills cost: 350
    Level requirement: 190

    Some of these ideas sounds stupidly overpowered and dumb, but you can give your thoughts about it and maybe improve some bits of here and there..
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  2. Horama

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    i prefer a post title like 'idea' than sould be ;)
  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's my 2 cents for your buff ideas

    Aggressive Reaction (Defensive Buff)
    - Nothing needs to be improved, nice buff idea.

    Adrenaline Rush (Buff Enhancement for the Adrenaline Run Buff)
    - It should be available to activate from the buy menu while you are under the Adrenaline Run buff effect for a duration of 15 seconds. After the duration passes, you have a cooldown of 150 seconds (2 minutes and 30 seconds) before it can be used again. If it's set to auto activate then it would be immediately activated for the 15 second duration as soon as you gain the Adrenaline Run buff effect.

    Team Captain (Ability Buff)
    If you plan on making it so only 1 person can have this buff active at a time, make it available to activate for anyone who has the buff from the buy menu. Then whoever activates it becomes the Team Captain for the current map until they die or leave the server.

    Everything else about the buff is good, but also make it that you lose the ability if you are considered to be rushing ahead by a short distance from the rest of the team. The only way to get the buff effect back is to stop rushing first, then wait out the 30 seconds without any teammates being incapped or killed. For the radius, set it to 600.

    The costs for the buffs are good except for the last one...

    if you're going to have a high cash and FR-Pills cost I'd make it a level 210 unlock or...

    Reduce the cash cost to $100,000 and FR-Pills cost to 500 with the level 165 unlock.
  4. JustAnEntity

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    Thanks for the suggestion, tim. I've edited the post and improved some bits.

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