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Multiple Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, Oct 18, 2017.


Which of the following ideas would you accept for getting implemented into mgftw?

Poll closed Oct 30, 2017.
  1. |E| Backstabber Buff / |E| Fear Resistance Buff / |E| Enraged Survivor Buff

    2 vote(s)
  2. Car Mechanist Buff

    2 vote(s)
  3. |T| Halloween Spirit Buff / |T| Blood Hunger Buff

    1 vote(s)
  4. Tank Frenzy Device Item / Uber Tank Frenzy Device Item / Mutated Weather Device Item

    2 vote(s)
  5. Double Honor and Victory Points Booster (1 Month)

    2 vote(s)
  6. Bleeding Bullets / Absorption Bullets

    2 vote(s)
  7. Mini Jimmy Gibbs Car / Mini Tank Model / RNG Pipebomb (from Soldier Tank) wearable

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Multiple Ideas Forum Thread
    This is for ideas that any person has a multiple number of or is in more than 1 section.

    The Ideas that were meant for Halloween are now FINAL from me (I won't change them).

    THE OFFICIAL POLL FOR THESE IDEAS: http://www.strawpoll.me/14272006


    Status Effect Resistance

    Gives you a chance to resist being inflicted with any bad status effect capable of being inflicted
    on you by infected on Cooperative Servers.
    <Chance: x%>

    Lv. 1: 1% | COST | $500 | 5 Fr Pills | Lv. 150
    Lv. 2: 2% | COST | $1000 | 10 Fr Pills | Lv. 155
    Lv. 3: 3% | COST | $1500 | 20 Fr Pills | Lv. 165
    Lv. 4: 4% | COST | $2000 | 40 Fr Pills | Lv. 180
    Lv. 5: 5% | COST | $4000 | 80 Fr Pills | Lv. 200
    Lv. 6: 6% | COST | $5000 | 100 Fr Pills | 1 Enhancement Stone | Lv. 205
    Lv. 7: 7% | COST | $7500 | 150 Fr Pills | 2 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 210
    Lv. 8: 8% | COST | $10000 | 200 Fr Pills | 3 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 215
    Lv. 9: 9% | COST | $15000 | 250 Fr Pills | 5 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 220
    Lv. MAX: 10% | COST | $20000 | 300 Fr Pills | 10 Enhancement Stones | Lv. 230




    |E| Backstabber Buff

    In exchange for 50% reduced attack speed, your knife, machete and katana melee weapons
    all gain the ability to perform a backstab on Special Infected!
    attacking any Special Infected from behind on their back side will deal 2x normal melee damage.
    <Uber Infected take 3x normal melee damage from backstabs>
    <No effect on Tanks>
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost
    25 Fr Pills
    <10 Halloween Candies>

    |E| Fear Resistance Buff

    You are able to stand fiercely against infected when they fear you.
    You have 25% resistance against being feared from all sources and
    you can use your melee weapons while being feared.
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost
    <10 Halloween Candies>

    |E| Last Vengeance Buff

    You are the last survivor, feeling sad that the infected have killed
    all the other survivors. You take that sadness and turn it into rage!
    you deal 50% Increased damage to all infected at a cost of 25% reduced
    <Effect is only active while you are the last survivor
    and dissapears when you die or go into spectator mode>
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost
    100 Fr Pills
    <15 Halloween Candies>


    |E| Frozen Claws Buff (Debuffer Jockey Only)

    You have gained the power of ice in your claws!
    Your attacks slow down survivors by 1% per claw hit
    <Max: 75%> and have a 0.6% chance to make your victim frozen.
    <Effect lasts 10 seconds and makes the survivor take
    double damage from all sources>
    <Incompatible with Fatigue Buff>

    10 Fr Pills
    <7 Halloween Candies>

    |E| Corrosive Claws Buff (All Slower/Controller/Debuffer Class Special infected Only)

    You have gained the power to corrode survivors
    by containing corrosive substances within your claws!
    On Each hit, you will inflict 1 stack of corrosion
    and for every 20 stacks of corrosion from claws
    on your victim, you deal +2 additional damage.

    10 Fr Pills
    <7 Halloween Candies>



    Car Mechanic Buff
    You have gained the necessary skills as a survivor in order to become a car repair man!
    You gain the following benefits
    - You take only 2.5 seconds to search Metal Rack Containers for the Repair Kit
    - You take 1.5 less seconds to repair the car using the Repair Kit
    - The Repair Kit restores 650 HP to the car instead of 500 HP
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost
    200 Fr Pills
    Level 150

    Objective Hurderler Buff
    You have been able to train yourself to get faster everytime with
    important objectives such as carrying gascans and other important items.
    +10% Increased Movement Speed while carrying important objects.

    Suggested Cost
    10 Fr Pills
    Level 100


    Hard Concussion Buff
    After pouncing on any survivor as a hunter/jockey, you have a 10% chance to
    inflict confusion and daze on your victim. Chance is doubled if you deal
    maximum pounce base damage.

    The Dazed Bad Status Effect renders your victim unable to see any
    special infected for 15 seconds.

    250 Fr Pills
    Level 200

    Temporary Buffs

    |T| Halloween Spirit Buff
    During the Halloween Event, survivors have far better teamwork against surviving the infection.
    You deal 20% (10% in VS) additional damage to infected and receive 10% (5% in VS) less damage from them.


    |T| Blood Hunger Buff (All Special Infected except Boomer, Spitter and Tank)
    During the Halloween Event, the infected are more hungry than ever for blood and are out to get the survivors!
    As an infected, you deal +2% additional damage for every 5 seconds pinning a survivor <Max: +20%>


    Tank Frenzy Device

    Allows you to activate Tank Frenzy for the current map your on.
    <Can only be activated before the start of the round (before someone leaves the saferoom)>
    <Overrides currently active mutation and resets Tank Frenzy chance to 1/10 on next map>
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost: 5000 Fr Pills (or 150 Honor Points in VS)

    Uber Tank Frenzy Device

    Allows you to activate an enhanced version of Tank Frenzy for the current map your on.
    <Can only be activated before the start of the round (before someone leaves the saferoom)>
    <Uber Tank Frenzy is much higher chances of tier 2 and tier 3 tanks spawning>
    <Uber Special Infected map mutation also becomes active>
    <Overrides currently active mutation and resets Tank Frenzy chance to 1/10 on next map>
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost: 8000 Fr Pills (or 175 Honor Points in VS)

    Mutated Weather Device

    Allows you to make the weather in 1 map more mutated than usual, this forces a random map mutation for the current map your on.
    <Can only be activated before the start of the round (before someone leaves the saferoom)>
    <Overrides currently active mutation>
    <Coop Only>

    Suggested Cost: 6000 Fr Pills (or 160 Honor Points in VS)

    Double Honor and Victory Points Booster (1 Month)

    This item when activated will double the amount of Honor and Victory Points won in Versus Games for 30 days!

    Suggested Cost on MG STORE: $20.00 USD


    Bleeding Bullets

    Your bullets are filled with penetrative properties that allow them to penetrate into the infected
    causing them to bleed out more blood.
    On a successful shot, infected affected will regenerate half as much health from all regeneration sources
    for the next 3 seconds. The effect is reset if the same infected is hit again.
    <On Tanks: lasts 1 second>

    To craft, you need 1x Bullet Penetrator, they can be dropped as a small chance drop from the Hunter, Executioner and Supreme Bloody Tank.
    You will also need 1x Empty Box of Shells.

    Absorption Bullets

    When these bullets are equipped, on every successful shot against infected
    5% of the base damage dealt is returned to you as permanent health back.
    <On survivors with no Tenacity Buff, the effect is halved>

    To craft, you need 1x Blood Absorber, they can be dropped as a small chance drop from the Drainer, Frozen Drainer, Supreme Shaman, Infernal, Supreme Infernal Tank.
    You will also need 1x Empty Box of Shells.


    = Mini Jimmy Gibbs.jr Car
    = Mini Tank Model
    = RNG Pipebomb (from Soldier Tank)
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    These are the ideas that I have if mgftw were to have a christmas event (This is just a WHAT IF situation)

    THEY ARE FINAL (Did update once though but that's it)



    |E| Gift of Benefits Buff

    You have been given a good gift by Sara this year! This gift
    gives white toasters the power to give you 25% Increased
    effects with 25% more duration on any good status effect given.
    <Incompatible with Gift of Power and Gift of Gnome Buffs>
    <Coop Only>

    |E| Gift of Power Buff

    You have been given a good gift by Sara this year! This gift
    gives you +10% increased damage (including true damage)
    against all infected. Additionally, picking up any dropped
    christmas present from killed special infected will give
    your weapons 1.5x base damage for 8 seconds, the effect time
    resets if you pick up another dropped christmas present.
    <Incompatible with Gift of Benefits and Gift of Gnome Buffs>

    |E| Gift of Gnome Buff

    You have been given a good gift by Sara this year! This gift
    gives you the power to hold Gnome Chompski who heals you for
    1 HP every second while holding it. This regeneration increases by +1 HP
    for every 5 seconds you are holding the gnome to a maximum of +10 HP.
    You will be able to share half your regeneration gained with
    teammates within 400 units.
    <Effect disappears if the Gnome Chompski is dropped at anytime and
    any additional HP regeneration gained will be reset>
    <Incompatible with Gift of Benefits and Gift of Power Buffs>
    <Coop Only>

    |E| Gift of Coal Buff

    You were given a bad gift by Sara this year, next time be
    good for next year! This gift gives you Coal Armor within
    your survivor clothing, giving 10% increased defense
    to all sources including fall damage caused by infected.
    <If you take over 300 damage from any source, the Coal Armor inside
    gets destroyed and regenerates in 60 seconds>

    |E| Cold Fire Buff

    Your molotov has been infused with the power of cold temperatures
    inside it! it has the following properties
    - Fire duration is 1/3 less than normal duration.
    - Fire slows down infected movement speed by 1% per fire tick. <Max: 75%>
    - Tanks ignited on fire permanently lose 10% movement speed.
    - Fire deals 25% less fire damage per fire tick to infected.
    <Frozen Drainer Tanks ability which only works while he is ignited
    is negated>
    <Incompatible with Intense Fire Buff>

    |E| Freezing Sword Buff

    Your sword has the power of ice imbued within it!
    Every melee strike on any special infected will deal damage
    and slow it down by 5%, <Max: 75%>. Additionally, any infected
    who is frozen will take 100% increased melee damage for the duration
    of the bad status effect.
    <Effect only works with Machete, Katana and Knife melee weapons>
    <No effect on tanks>

    |E| Enhanced Hunting Reward Buff

    For each Special Infected killed in the current map, you gain a 3% chance to gain an extra
    point of bounty whenever you perform a bounty earning action. ENHANCED EFFECT: If you shoot
    any Special Infected in the head that isn't killed by you, they get marked as a game.
    Game marks on Special Infected make them visible to all survivors and give any survivor
    double bounty when they kill that infected.
    <ENHANCED EFFECT has a cooldown of 90 seconds once used>
    <Max: 30%>
    <Coop Only>


    Slow Guardian Buff

    You become much more resistant when slowed down by infected.
    +1% increased defense for each -1% movement speed lost.
    <Defense cannot stack with other defensive buffs>
    <Max: +25% defense>
    <Coop Only>

    Ice Grenade Launcher Buff

    Exchanges your regular grenade ammo with ice grenade ammo for
    your grenade launcher. The ice grenades have the ability to
    explode into ice shrapnel on contact, affecting any infected
    by putting it into their skin and decreasing their physical
    damage dealt by 20% for 4 seconds. The effect time is reset
    if another ice grenade from any grenade launcher hits the
    same target.

    Hyper Adrenaline Buff

    When you use an Adrenaline Shot, you will become immune to
    anything that slows you down for the duration of the
    adrenaline shot effect.
    <Adrenaline Run Buff does not give this buff effect while
    this Buff is active>
    <120 second cooldown>
    <Press RELOAD with Adrenaline Shot in hand to get cooldown time>
    <Coop Only>
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