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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Cocaine, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Zero

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    Yeah i also have a hunter, charger and a jockey one im going to upload as well.... more Nintendo ;)
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    I don't think Hazemberg likes any of these. Haze probably would like nude Zoey, but even a nude Ellis would please him, am I right Haze? :P
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  6. Cocaine

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    Wheres my tank Cocaine? [​IMG]
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  10. erik

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    Wow I had no idea about this thread.

    Revenant (AOD guild,) and I talk about these types of things a lot.

    I currently have many really cool/useful mods, also from L4Dmaps; the BEAUTY of that place is the .vpk add-on content.

    For those who weren't aware, the .vpk file extension is privileged. It means that Valve has certified it, or it's Valve-Certified.

    VPK's are* as a standard, safe to use.

    I will compile a list of my current "potion," as it is, of L4D2 mods/skins. They are really cool.

    I also have a Steam skin called "Blue Pulse," which is awesome.

    I got it on the Steam site, but note: most of the other ones suck.

    I recommend Blue Pulse to all, as it's easy-on-the-eyes, transparent, and simply a breath of fresh air into an otherwise cumbersome-looking setup.

    Blue Pulse:
  11. Miracle470

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    dose any1 have the custom glow
    change the color of surviver,sp,incap glow
    and scripet to change the fire mode
    i had some but dosnt work anymore :/
  12. Cocaine

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    Ask Zero, remember he have something like that.
  13. Cocaine

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  14. avilroad

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  15. Stoned

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    Could you use multiple skins at a time? And how do you setup the skins?
  16. Beasty Ribs

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    yes, as long as they don't interfere with each other, so use one skin for Rochelle, different one for Bill etc.. or just the Raptor skins .

    Look for any skins that the file ends in .vpk this is the valve addon file. makes it very easy to install, uninstall and deactivate.
    just copy the .vpk. Usually double clicking the .vpk will self install it. Occasionally you have to put it in the addon folder. Just like custom maps.

    You can turn on and off your addons in the L4D2 main screen, options, then addons or something like that.

    The directory is long. you'd have to look up where the file is at. its like C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\Steamapps\L4d2\addons\l4d2\blah blah blah. (I know that is wrong. just an example that it is way the heck in there.
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  18. Cocaine

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  19. HighVolt@ge

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    kewl batman, I already have duke nukem as coach tho. :( Still downloading so I can switch them up now an then. Thx :)

    I need a good rochelle skin, only character i dont have a skin over.
    I use Joker, raptor, an duke nukem atm.
    On infected I use flaming charger, makes chargers EASY to see. Plus theres a flashy explosion when they hit a wall, easy targets :)
  20. Captain Obviuos

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    I totally rock the nude Zoey. I would show screenshots, but I understand nudity is considered controversial because of others' inadequacies (more so in the US) so I am prohibited.
    It's a great skin, though -- everything jiggles! :D

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