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Missing Helms Deep tickets?

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by REN, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. REN

    REN Junior Member

    Waaaaaaaay back when Helms Deep first started on MGFTW (years ago) I gathered many tickets (back then they were TVs) before the map was removed. When I started playing again before this years Halloween event I still had my tickets. Now when I check my inventory they are all gone. Were they deleted?

    EDIT: Ahh tim just pointed me to the thread about HD tickets. Lost the 26 tickets from yesteryear. Oh well.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    spoke to the guy about it and here's what was said...
    timkit [™۞]: hey man
    timkit [™۞]: saw that forum post of yours on mgftw.
    REN [Σ]: hey
    timkit [™۞]: don't mind me asking but when did you first start playing mgftw again if you remember.
    REN [Σ]: hmmm hard to say, i know it was years ago
    timkit [™۞]: this year
    REN [Σ]: helms deep wasnt even out yet
    timkit [™۞]: first start playing mgftw again
    REN [Σ]: you needed a ticket to pull the starting lever
    timkit [™۞]: im talking about from any day from this year only
    REN [Σ]: hmmm
    REN [Σ]: i played on and off but i really started playing after you added me
    REN [Σ]: or when i joined sigma llamas
    timkit [™۞]: well, the last chat history that I can recall from my phone
    timkit [™۞]: is from 4th of june
    timkit [™۞]: ah so it looks like when i chatted you
    timkit [™۞]: you didnt know about a particular forum thread
    timkit [™۞]: that had been posted on september 4th this year
    timkit [™۞]: now I get it. thanks.
    REN [Σ]: ohh what was posted?
    timkit [™۞]: https://mgftw.com/threads/helms-deep-tickets-will-disappear-4th-september-2017.6693/
    timkit [™۞]: it was this post exactly
    timkit [™۞]: there may be some writing thats hard to read. but thats because mute updated the post on that day
    REN [Σ]: ahhh i see
    REN [Σ]: i guess that answers my question
    REN [Σ]: rip, i had 26 tickets
    REN [Σ]: oh well
    REN [Σ]: thanks for telling me
    timkit [™۞]: your welcome man

    now REN knows how all his 26 helms deep tickets got deleted. :P

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