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[Minor BUG] 13 cans (dead center finale) and 16 cans (the passing finale) on US COOP.

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by timkit [â„¢Ûž], Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Attention Admins!

    This bug happened not long ago when we were playing through the dead center and the passing finale. We were on advanced difficulty at the time on Dead Center Finale when it was meant to be 45 cans instead of 13 cans. We were on expert difficulty at the time on The Passing Finale when we had 16 cans instead of the 55 cans. Just thought I'd let you guys know about the bug.

    (Dead Center Finale)
    (The Passing Finale)

  2. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Thats the best bug I have ever seen, screw 60 cans :D
  3. Roronoa_Zoro

    Roronoa_Zoro Junior Member

    Thank you very muchmarvel for bring back VS server and mgftw US back
  4. Roronoa_Zoro

    Roronoa_Zoro Junior Member

    Hi mgftw US server got bugged on some 1 map like no mercy

    we cant spwan be special infeted then we change to dead center then normal again

    and pls fix the team syestem

    when we join on the game we on afk mode and we cant ch be surv or inf only when prees m on keyboard then we can join be surv or inf
  5. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Teams should be fix, I need to dig in the other issue. What does it say exactly?
  6. UPDATE: The bugs that were supposed to have been fixed have still occurred or was i missing something here? it's a fragment bug of the fix that still remains to this day since more than 1 year back.

    There is also a third bug that i know of with The Passing Finale in which searching cars will lower the time before destroyer tank spawns from its current time to 2:00. I know that i didn't mention it here in the forum post and that it's been mentioned before, so i'll mention it here in this post.

    3 minor bugs that still happen to be around as of this time.

    Bug Names
    - 13 Gascan limit instead of the difficulty based gascan limit on the Dead Center Finale
    - 16 Gascan limit instead of the difficulty based gascan limit on the Passing Finale
    - The Passing Finale timer is reduced due to searching cars in the map.

    How does the first two bugs happen? (Gas Can Bugs)
    - Regardless of difficulty, the mgftw script fails to update the gascan count to what the gascan count should be as modified sometimes.

    How does the last bug happen? (Searching Cars reduces time until destroyer tank spawn in the passing finale)
    - the bug happens when the timer is reduced from its current time of x (where x is the time remaining until destroyer tank spawns) to 2:00. This happens as a result of the searching action of a car being finished. One thing i don't understand is why this bug occurs as a result of the how.

    Screenshots of the bugs?

    NOTE: Steam Cloud won't let me upload the screenshots to do with the last bug until later on. Also ignore the fact that i've used addons here.

    1st bug

    2nd bug

    3rd bug
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...964/2F326A98FAEE88ADA99B00BC1133B0EF7181783E/ (Timer at start of finale before tank spawn)
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...566/54D03270199E3CC58F02E7EFCE30A4E4A0B584A7/ (Timer when tank died, assume that searching the car activated the bug)

    if there are any more updates to those 3 bugs (i hope there isn't another update after this). i'll post in this forum thread.
  7. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The script files were missing on US COOP so I added those, just in case, I also re-uploaded the script files on EU COOP as well, which should take care of the first two bugs.

    The last bug has also been fixed.

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