MG's Day-Z Stand Alone Plans

Discussion in 'DayZ Servers' started by Mr Zombie, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    Hey all,

    First off Hope you all have a Happy Christmas/Holiday etc :)

    So, Day-Z Stand alone is out and looking good IMHO and I was wondering
    what MG's plans are with this, I goto say now is the time to get started on this while its all shiny and new while people are searching out the servers
    for the ones they like best.

    Thanks :)
  2. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    NM Just found the other thread about Dayz in the Misc section :/
  3. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    From what I've read and watched of Frankie1080onPC, it's buggy, very VERY early-alpha (he runs it on low settings cos it lags and he never runs things on low) and not worth the $30 you pay. When it's nearer completion I'd suspect people will buy it and play it, but the feeling is that's it's a very similar situation to WarZ. You'd be better off playing some of the still existing DayZ mod servers, even if the mod is not still being updated I have heard/watched some stuff lately that makes it look 10x better than it did when first released. (they got the script for placing items on beds and shelves from the standalone).

    To me, the standalone looks promising, but they have promised so much for the past year and not even implemented 60% of the features they said were going to be in it. $30 is fine if you want to let it sit on your games list for another 12 months before actually playing the full version and not some early alpha 0.29.xxxxxxx build with a shitload of placeholder sounds, animations and other stuff that could have been non-placeholder by now.
  4. MarksmanR

    MarksmanR MG Donor

    Apparently they've sold over 400, 000 DayZ copies already, grossed around $12 million already for a game in Alpha. Good job Bohemia.
  5. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    I think Marvel decision will be made when the game at least reach Beta and shows some improvements from the Mod...
    I like the game, but so far i have so low expectations about it I'll just wait...
  6. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Personally i like the game myself, but currently it's full of hackers, and with just VAC and (it's currently inactivated modules) there is no working anticheat enabled in the game iself, which is why the item database was wiped already once by devs.

    However that's really not the issue for me.. i can play the game just fine regardless the fact someone sees my location all the time with ESP and could teleport to me and nuke me down with scripts.

    I love BE, not because it's features, but because they hunt down and actually detect multiple private/paid hacksites which VAC does not bother to do. (Basically they buy the hacks, inject them and check the changed code locally, and then look for similar client changes real time at server side). -Or so i believe as it would be most effective way to catch them and keep the hacks under maintenance 24/7.

    With standalone, currently just anyone could download cheat engine and execute 2 years old scripts in the new engine and hope for the best.. ..which usually happens if tweaked just a little.
  7. It will be great I think once they get further along in develop to see what it could be.
  8. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    I bought the game a few days ago for £19.00 from steam (Christmas sale maybe still on).

    In my first few plays of the game , on a server with about 25 other players the only problems I encountered was a delay when i dropped some thing from my pack to the floor, The know bug with thirst/hunger reporting constantly and the low frame rate of (this is with DxTory Running) 30-40 average and a max of 55 but still other than the odd stutter it never dropped below 30 for me even in the citys, Just for comparison in day-z arma2 i had a frame rate average of 55 with 25 when in/or very near Cherno city. I neither seen /or heard of any one hacking.

    The game not only looks better than the mod version the general game play is far more stream lined in general, ie - I was being chased by zombies as a new spawn with no weapon, i see a axe in a building (Im just down coast from Electro I think, near train yards) and I was able to run upto the axe and pick it up (Using the new TAB menu) and equip it fast enough to turn and kill the 4 zombies.

    Not to mention that fighting the zombies is now kinda fun considering they no longer have that weired movment.

    In short, I like it and had a lot of fun playing it, In my mind it currently plays better than the mod version.

    For a better view of how it plays watch DevilDog :)
  9. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Is the new arma or arma 3 the davzee thing too? I have the first one but never really bothered to play it.
  10. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    The game is still in alpha, so according to marvel, we might or might not support it.

    For now we will watch and wait for proper version of it to be out first.
  11. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    You have a long wait ahead of you then :)
  12. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    They reckon 12 months for full, perhaps 6 months for beta?
  13. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Whatever happens we gotta get all the admins playing on the same day. Only funny things happen when we're all in the same place at the same time.

  14. JorisK

    JorisK Day Z Admin

    It will probably all depend on:

    1) How popular/promising is the mod.
    2) Does Marve have rackspace/a free server somewhere to host the SA.
    3) Will server hosters have total freedom to do what they want to do?

    At this moment the SA lacks a load of features and there is not even a SA Server Package availible, so at this moment it is not an option at all. If the server package becomes availible, the next question will be what it contains: can we use our own database? Will we be able to modify important settings? Will be be abile to make adjustments to the database?

    The game is in alpha-state and I think more and more will become clear what Marve will do once the game starts to get it's final shape.
  15. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    If Marvel, JorisK and Joerve find the game good and worthwhile, i'm pretty sure we will support it :P

    So it's completely up to that trio :P
  16. JorisK

    JorisK Day Z Admin

    It's all up to Marve, believe me :)

    But if the game is pretty cool and he has the resources availbile, he will probably take a look at it.
  17. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    I know I said some shit about it above, but I want the game in the future when it's properly released and I don't think I'd have the money at the time. So, while I had the money, I bought it today.

    I'll give my thoughts tomorrow once I've played it a little.

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