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MGFTW.com Player of the Week Nominations

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by erik, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. erik

    erik Senior Member


    I was looking at our Steam Group and realized something. There is not enough GOOD stuff being talked about. There's plenty of complaints and ban discussions and things, and people being called out. Why not create some positive attention for those who deserve it?

    Let's use this thread to nominate someone who deserves to be the POTW, or Player of the Week.

    Here is the MGFTW.com Steam Group Discussion Thread: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MGFTW/discussions/0/37470847988104918/

    EDIT: THIS APPLIES TO ALL OF MG, not just HI, or PR, or VI. EVERYONE is eligible. Just be sure to say what they did, even it's something as simple as being a positive presence on the servers, or being a good team player.

  2. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Busy times. Unfortunately, did not choose one until just now. I'm personally nominating Blazko aka Doctor Jones for POTW. Why?

    - Consistently leads and leads well
    - Has come a long, long way in his career here
    - Is a veteran who is always willing to share tips and tricks
    - Runs a clan like a family, is someone who remembers when a guild used to REALLY mean something, and is carrying that torch to this day
    - Assists admins with reasonable requests for teamscramble, effectively identifies and respectfully requests people follow the rules, serves as a steward for good gaming by informing others what to do and not do, but in a professional way
    - With the help of loyal guild members, quickly became the premier guild; this is good for MG and this is very PRO-MG
    - COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS: Records and effectively shows the excitement of MG, the addiction that PR can bring and, most importantly, the LAUGHS. His Steel Banana videos on YouTube are amazing.

    Being one who doesn't usually like to watch other people play video games, I quickly found myself subscribing and sharing these moments with non-MG gamers who, in turn, gave us a try because of said videos.

    Just like TastyFish, who personally trained a hoard of new gamers and led by example (our last POTW...) this is someone we can all take a page from. Jones, that is.

    Congratulations on being Player of the Week, Jones. You earned it.
  3. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Guys, read my blog entry. There is a link to the thread there, also. Let's get some nominations coming in. If someone is being a good gamer & leader, and leads by example, why not help carry the torch? It would be nice to see something that's contagious in a good way. :)
  4. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Congratulate Mute for being our POTW!
  5. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Please congratulate Darkzone from Gang of Devils for being this week's POTW!

    Like Mute, she contributes to the community in her own way; selfless gifting of donor/premium items to gamers who otherwise can't afford them, contributing to a fair and fun environment, and also leading by example in both PR & HI.

    Dark and Mute are both people who you can always pop a question to, and expect a lucid, honest, and accurate answer. Each of them enjoys being a font of gaming knowledge and deserve a thumbs-up or congratulations.
  6. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Please congratulate GhostfaceKILLAH on being this week's POTW!

    Ghost has been with us for a long time, and can always be counted on to keep Vicious Infected going; even when there aren't many people online, or on the server.

    He has a very persistent playing style and knows all the angles as infected. Sometimes, after long VI-VS rounds, the balance of seasoned players vs. non-seasoned players can shift dramatically. Even in these cases, you won't see Ghost pulling cheap moves or rushing. This is a good case of leading by example. He also has a good attitude about the game.

    If you don't know him, this is his profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034781225

    Again, gratz, Ghost!
  7. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Sometimes finding a POTW is an easy choice.

    Our Player of the Week is Dr. House, aka Dr. Konfused or Dr. confused.

    Doc is an obvious and easy choice to agree upon for these reasons:
    - Always willing to get an empty PR-VS server going
    - Flexibly enjoys all MG game modes and servers
    - Is never afraid to speak up if, for example, teams are not balanced
    - Voluntarily offers help
    - Actively identifies needs when playing VS games
    - Has a good sense of humor and is consistently a breath of fresh air on the servers
    - Assists admins by asking for server assistance when we are not in-game
    - Greets new players
    - Plays competitively and passionately
    - Always follows the rules
    - Volunteers "why"s when doing things like passing a tank, as to educate other players


  8. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the changing of the POTW award day, but it is easier to do this way.

    Our POTW is Alex aka OceanDriver. Anyone who has ever played PR-VS knows who he is. He's from the original PR days and has a long history of putting in some mad hours on MG and commanding a very, very fierce survivor in PR-VS.

    He was picked to be our Player of the Week because of some recent contributions he has made to the community. Mind you, there are specifically four major instances where he contributed (much of his own free time, I add,) that I can remember off the top of my head, but unfortunately it's only right now that he get some credit and attention for them. These things go back as far as the "PR 1.3" days, so to speak, and include other important contributions such as 2+ hours of voluntary testing in one instance.

    For those of you who don't know, Alex knows how to setup and maintain plugins and his own gameserver. He's used his OWN environment as a sandbox in the past (and present!,) and then taken results back to us unselfishly. Everyone knows our devs are not here full time, nor is this a paid job or anything for them so, yes, sometimes they are away or can't be reached, especially while school is in session / semesters. So anyways, Alex took a bunch of his own free time during these busy periods and actually constructed his own plugins for our usage and the MG Community's benefit to help fix some bugs. Recently, he actually wrote one to fix the notorious smoker stuck bug in PR-COOP. His contributions directly helped the bug get fixed on a permanent basis. The actual solution was in a different location that we could not have foreseen. Regardless, though, all hands were on deck to fix it, and that's the type of solution that counts.

    Alex has also done other things in the past, such as personally keep me in the loop with direct answers and clarification to some known issues. This ranges from long-since-fixed PR-VS issues to suggestions about ever-evolving concepts like the scramble system, which has had at least 5 or 6 major changes since I first experienced it. It's important for you guys to know that Alex did NOT ask for credit or acknowledgement any of those times, nor this time either. Obviously, he deserves it.

    Just like with other POTW nominations or POTW title-holders, the Player of the Week title is a very small way of acknowledging very big and selfless deeds. Congratulate Alex when you see him. If you have a question for him, approach him and ask. He'll be happy to share the knowledge.

    I think we can all take a page from that part of his book.

    [​IMG] HLX
  9. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Our newest POTW is Methadone Kitty.

    She has done lots of good things for the community. You can find her frequently on the PR-COOP servers. Methadone recently started a new PR clan called Creeps and Crazies. Even prior to this, she has spent a lot of time helping new players learn the PR system and has also worked really hard to keep the COOP or teamplay atmosphere going.

    I've chatted with her many times, and she has never once said "no" when asked to help test new buffs, buff changes, or do anything that benefits the community.

    Make sure you congratulate her when you see her.

  10. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Weedmand {C²°} is our newest POTW. Too many reasons, but they're all amazing ones. He (with others I'm going to give credit to, as well,) have solved some major problems around here. The importance is not the absence of problems. The importance is the absolutely inspiring show of community spirit.

    Quite literally... everyone decided to cowboy-up, address the problems, keep each other apprised the entire time, and kept the admin team in the loop.

    I've only seen this type of cooperation/teamwork/teamsmanship/community spirit now & then, at best, in gaming. In the professional world, this kind of thing is hard to find. This is a big POTW announcement because we have some great people doing great things.

    People who love MG. People who are good people. People who know this place stands for something, and things MATTER here. Good for you all.

    Without further ado, let's all congratulate Weedmand.


    weedmand {C²°}

    These are NOT honorable mentions. These are acknowledgements and validations of true-blue, bona fide, champions of the community. Congratulate them, too, because they more-than-earned it. Pat them on the back, give them a boomer bitch slap in VS to show your support, or simply give them a thumbs up on their Steam profiles. The recent good deeds in MG are an absolute inspiration and make me more proud than I can even quantify with words.

    methadone kitty


    dr. house

    The admin team: I prefer to keep steam group POTW & these types of posts SOLELY to gamer recognition. This time it's a little different, though. We've got a few new additions to the admin team, and every single one of them is a zombie-killin, ass-kickin, take-no-prisoners gaming machine. I've never been as proud as I am now of MG, and the gamers, and the admins. I can't say enough how often I brag about this place. Some probably even consider me a braggart; I don't care, I like it here, and I want every zombie killer to know about it and join us in the zombie apocalypse.

    I know a lot of people in other communities and am VERY visible and active; places like PAYDAY 2 and OVERKILL's games. I never miss an opportunity to brag about MG. I always LOOK for a way to afford myself a chance to brag about MG. I always say the same thing: It's MG. We're doing something important here. We're not like anyone else. Votekicking and other abuses are not acceptable here. Our admins only ban when they have to. Bad apple admins never lasted, unlike other places where you see absolutely no structure or leadership. On MG, we have the most stringent rules and the most active leadership.... why? We all know why. We're the best. Best in the world, actually, and no other community can even measure up to us. This is by no means a reason to plateau. Greatness and true community is a non-stop process that has no end to it. This is a good thing. Many have learned important IRL lessons from MG. Don't get me wrong, it's a zombie game community in the end, but still. It's one that commands respect and has the best modders, the best mods, and the most addictive mods. We're not just a Steam Group, we're not just another list of forgettable servers in the Steam Group Server List. We are MG, and nothing else can touch that.

    It has been a (sometimes) difficult road and we've had some difficult times here. But, you know, it's 2015, and many of us are going on 5+ years of being here. That means something. Hell, many gamers who don't even play L4D2 anymore still come here. Why? Because of you. Because of us.

    Thank you, all of you, admins & gamers alike, for making this place the best in the world.
  11. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats PLAYAS OF DA WEEK!
  12. erik

    erik Senior Member

    All POTW gamers are going to be targeted by admins in PR-VS. Don't take it personally, it's just the initiation process of being awesome.

    You guys being awesome entitles the admins to target you w/ boomer slaps and jockeys.

  13. Doctor Jones

    Doctor Jones MG Donor

  14. erik

    erik Senior Member


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SoHrnUvAo3Y" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NyjNLUknmQs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats to all involved!
  16. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

  17. yank33

    yank33 Member

    moar info plzez

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