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    Server Rules & Legal Notices
    These are the Marvelous Gaming Server Rules which will be linked to
    In-Game by using the command '!rules' from chat.

    Please take the time to learn the Rules before you play.

    ? Introduction Note ?

    When you get banned on one server you get automatically banned on all
    servers that means ALL MG Servers be they
    *L4D1 L4D2 or Z-Day.
    Not Just the Server You Was Banned On.

    So if you like playing at MG think
    twice before you break the rules.
    It's not worth it.

    NOTE: *This Includes any UnNamed MG Servers.

    Category 1: Major Offences

    • Racism.
    This topic is so important that it is first on our list. Any racist comments and/or names will result in an instant permaban!

    • Cheating.
    Cheating will result in an immediate permanent ban with no option to protest against it.

    • Bug using.
    Exploiting known or unknown bugs within the game or its modifications will result in a kick and temporary ban without warning.

    • Team Killing.
    Excessive, on purpose damaging other players on your team (including yourself) will result in a kick and temporary ban without warning.
    This Includes both as Servs. and SI. So pushing another SI of the building is also considered as TK as it often results in that players SI being killed.

    • Mic / Chat / Vote Spamming.
    Excessive mic, chat and/or vote spamming with the sole & only purpose of trying to ruin the game for other players will result in an immediate kick and temporary ban.

    • Impersonating an MG Admin.
    The use of the MG logo(s) is Reserved for the use of Marvelous Gaming Admin alone. Being found with MG in front or Behind your name while on a MG Server will be cause for a Temp Ban, Persistent offender WILL face a much longer punishment. The Use of an Existing Adimins Name with or without the |MG| Tag is also to a Lesser Extent is also Considered Impersonation of an Admin and may result in Short Ban.

    • Offensive Language and/or Nicknames.
    MG has a Zero Tolerance of Language or Nicknames containing Expressions of Abuse, Racism, Discrimination or anything else that may hurt other people, countries or believes and the use of these WILL Result in Permanent Bans.

    • Farming on Points Reloaded.
    You are farming when you stop the campaign from continuing normally, and you stay in one spot killing infected to gain experience, points and gems faster. An Ex, not entering the helicopter on The Parish finale, just because you want faster exp. Well Sir, This is totally PROHIBITED and you will get Instantly BANNED if you get caught.
    The first Ban will be for 3 days, the second for 6 days, the third for 12 days, the fourth for 24 days, and so on.

    Don't try to Cheat Us. We are Not Stupid!
    YOU Have Been WARNED

    • Repeated Minor Offences.
    If you keep repeating minor offenses we will count them up until it becomes a major offenses which may result in additional ban time.

    Category 2: Minor Offenses

    • High ping.
    High ping Pings above 700 will get you will be asked to reduce your Ping if you fail to do this then you Will Receive a
    1) Warned first, 2) Kicked next. Pings above 1000 will result in an immediate short-term Ban (Usually 10 Minutes).

    • Rushing.
    Ban up to 4 hours with out warning, or current admins choice.

    • Vocal, VoteKick and Chat Spamming.
    This is minor spamming. Examples: Playing Singing or Playing Music over the Mic or leaving your channel open so
    everybody can hear your background sounds. Flooding the Chat-box with Non-Interesting stuff or Excessive Non-game
    related talking over the mic will result in a Warning first and a Kick or Short-term Ban second if the player does not stop.

    This also Includes Excessive Vocalizing enough so that players or Admins get annoyed or bothered by it
    even if it is on
    topic, We
    will grant you a Kick and/or Temp Ban With or Without Warning if the player fails to stop when asked by an

    • Foreign Languages.
    We can debate long if we should allow typing or talking foreign languages, but there always seem to be a certain gray
    zone where some people find it annoying and others don't so English is NOT the only language allowed on our Servers,
    Forum and Steam-Group, but
    not everybody speaks English so it normal wont be a problem and you usually won't get
    kicked for it when you keep low profile but admins decide when it gets to a point where people could be bothered with
    it which will usually lead to a kick and a short term ban, ie. When People Talk NonStop Like they are on a Phone.

    • Inappropriate Language.
    Swearing, shouting, being disrespectful to other Players/Admin etc. will get you some time to cool-down outside of our servers, Repeated Actions of this type will bring longer Bans.

    • Inappropriate Nicknames.
    Nicknames like ;; .. || -- are not allowed. We like to know who we're playing with so try to be more original when it comes to
    picking a decent nick.
    As you may find your self either Named Scrambled, Silly Named (ie. Renamed to - 'Sugar Plum Fairy'
    or 'I get Owned by Noobz') or Short Ban!

    • Rage Team-Switching.
    Excessive team-switching, which means you keep trying to switch teams even though the server is full and a switch is not possible.
    We've seen people even trying to reconnect to join the other team (usually the infected team). This will get you banned for a short
    period of time.

    • Trolling.
    Trolling on MG/MGftw Servers is not allowed, the act of Disruption or Spoiling the Game for other people by the use of minor (in
    them selfs!) Inflamatory Comments or the Baiting of Admin may result in a Short Ban.
    The Ban may be Increased if there are multiply cases

    • Religion & Politics.
    Talking about religion and politics is not allowed on MG Server or Forums as debates of this type have a tendency to get out of hand and Offense to other can easily be caused. A short Ban maybe given, Repeat breaking of this Rule will result in longer bans.

    Category 3: Special Section

    The Special Section can be considered an extension of Category: 1

    • Advertising.
    Advert Nicknames Advertising on any MG/MGftw Servers or Forums without Prior Written Permission from MG/MGftw.Com is a Offence Punishable by a Permanent Ban.
    Advertising of ANY TYPE that has not been Aranged with MG/MGftw.Com, When In-Game be it via Voice Spam, Text Chat Box, Sprays
    or in your Name is a Offence that WILL get you Permanently Banned if you do not change it when an Admin asks you.

    The use of Names In-Game like Left4Wares.Com, L4D.4Free.Org or SadServers.Ru etc. and Email Addresses either as a 'InGame' Name or in/as your Forums 'InProfile' is also not acceptable and will Result in a Permanent Ban &/or the Deletion of your Forum Account.
    Notes Below
    - ?1 ?2 ?3

    • Inappropriate Sprays.
    The use/or displaying of the following types of Sprays is considered to be Unacceptable. Marvelous Gaming Servers are for people of all ages Irrespective of the game(s) in question and its recommended age range that is free from Images that are/or maybe considered to be Insulting and/or Offensive.

    ? Explicit Porn.

    Images that show Any Sexual Acts and/or Nudity that displays the sexual organs of either sex, (Erect or Flaccid).
    This is not considered Acceptable.
    ? Violence.

    Sprays that show Images of Gratuitous or Extreme Violence in that that are using/made from Photographic Images are Not Acceptable.
    The same type of Image but in a Cartoon form maybe ok but this will be decided by the Admin Present at the time.
    ? Racist & Hate Sprays.

    Sprays that are Showing Images of Violence &/or Hatred to ANY Culture, Creed or Religion etc. will fall under the Racism Rule and will
    result in a Permanent Ban With Out a Warning.
    ? Links & URL's in Sprays.

    Illegal Advertising on Any MG/MGftw Server is Not Allowed and any Spray that contain Links or URL's to ANY Site other than an MG Site(s) or
    Forum(s) or that of our Sponsors are Not Acceptable and will be cause for Warn & a request to not spray it again.

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