Marvelous Gaming Key Bindings

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Shaikh Nedab, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    As per the suggestion by our valuable player Timkit i decided to create a post about my key binding guide.
    The purpose of this thread is to allow you guys to share your ideas and feedback easily. Feel free to suggest any edits, mistakes, missing commands.
    The link to the wiki page is given below.
    Marvelous Gaming Key Bindings
  2. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    You don't need the "say /command" part you can just enter "bind key sm_command" (bind k sm_cp) an exception to this is when you expect a message in chat like with tankhp this is where you can or should use "say /tankhp" due to the way you receive the response. Also the purple color makes it hard to read on the dark background color. But other than that gj :)
  3. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    thanks for your feedback and suggestion i will work on it asap :).

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