Make karma kill counted as +1 skill/points, and stacker thing

Discussion in 'Game Server Ideas' started by Centro, Sep 1, 2017.

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    When a player got many karma kills but somehow the team still lose, ended up with still losing skill points and don't get any honor points, kinda unfair for that one guy who tried to carrying with the karmas but don't get anything. Would be good if 1 karma kill counted as +1 skill at least or that 1 point is steal from player who died by that karma.

    Also about balance in game, many people nowdays likes to stacking.. when it was me alone 1vs6 or 5vs8, no one even switch for balance, i tried votescramble but doesn't works, and someone even said "ALL GOOD". Don't know how to call it pathetic or what.. set auto balance again would be good i guess.
    Some people with their excuse also going afk as a main when their team was losing, the main will counted as dead if go afk and more ruin the whole team. then in a moment later they join the winning team or the team with more players to stack more.(win switch)
    This called as competitive, in other competitive games when someone leave the game or let their team down, even by connection problem or any reason, they will get a penalty (lose MMR points, derank, or competitive cooldown). I hope you guys can make that works here too. It's fine if can't make it soon, I very appreciate your hardwork and with all the updates.
    I love zombie games, at some moment play serious, also play for fun in another moment, but it's not fun anymore when there is a troll or the game always unbalanced.
    This is my idea, thanks for read it.
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    other competitive game have millions players for mgftw you ranked with around 50 players it's called competitive but please be serious for 'serious' game play Cs go , owerwatch , call of duty , your problably the only think play it seriousely now ( if needed i can message most of them ) game have 8 years , community haven't hundred of players like 5-6 years ago
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    i play cs a lot since 1.6 btw, also in csgo i play in faceit and ESEA. and why even someone getting salty suddenly now by a thread for game server ideas lmao
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  5. Horama

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    let gonzalo i'm kinda sike actually may be my english isn't good ^^ Okay centro so have fun on cs go
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    I hope none of you forgot about this idea. but if you did let me simplify the idea.

    Any Karma Charge or Karma Slap that is actually counted to have happen and that it kills someone will award +1 skill to the person who did it and got the survivor either dead or got the kill reward.

    It is a skillful kill in which it requires a lot more skill rather than luck. I also propose a limit of +3 skill per map, and it cannot affect the amount of skill lost or gained at the end of a VS round.

    OH right I forgot this. You can also only get the Karma Charge or Karma Slap kill skill reward if the minimum player requirements of 8 players is fufilled. If not, this feature is turned off automatically until otherwise.

    Also for anyone who has skill under 50 or under 100, can we decrease the skill loss amount by HALF on a lose on 1 map if say 3 losses have already occurred in a row for particular players with that skill? you could adjust this condition if you wanted to, however if you look at the skill level of the players in VS in a balanced situation, they are all very different and are no longer the same despite with a few players having similar skill levels of say 0 or 100.
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