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Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by Cocaine, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. XenoEpsilon

    XenoEpsilon Junior Member



    Level 32 (Leveling up quickly no boosters)

    EU,US,CA|MGFTW Points Reloaded COOP( Sometimes VS OR Hidden)

    Legit Copy

    I've been here on another account before or should I say Borrowed it for a while But Get the gist of how things work in the servers here. My weapons of choice is the dual pistols and the awp I play Frequently on l4d2 And I Hate Misfiring does not go well with witches and I am very careful of witches
    Hence the awp or Combat shotgun and I try not to rush and I Try to revive people if I can and I end up going Aggro on tanks.

  2. berkers

    berkers Junior Member

    Looking For Active Guild On Usually at EU Servers !

    Steam Name : Rock N RoLLL
    Steam id : STEAM_0:1:21695287
    Favorite Server : EU > US > CA ...
    In game Level : 120 for now

    I don't know how join a guild. Please contact me :W
  3. ruxby ^ cnoh

    ruxby ^ cnoh Junior Member

    Steam Name/Forum Name: ruxby ^ cnoh (for both)
    Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060775575/
    Current level: 58 (using x5 booster, maybe getting x10 after it expires)
    Servers: I normally play on HK>CA>EU (Mostly on servers with at least 4 people and below 400 ping.)
    Legit copy.
    Since it's my holidays now, I'll be playing almost, if not, everyday for a few months. HK gives me the lowest ping as I live in Singapore, Asia. If you have any inquires just add me up on Steam for a chat. Fresh meat in L4D2 on the PC, had some decent play-time on the Xbox platform. Thanks for reading!
  4. lovelyhanapy

    lovelyhanapy Junior Member

    1. IGN (Current): Digital Evasion
      Forum: lovelyhanapy
    2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/lovelyhanapy
    3. Current Level 114 with no any boosters activated.
      *Guess I've play since 2014/06 or before.
    4. Coop HK (Formerly Asia Server)
    5. Legit Copy
    6. I'm Thai player, sometime i'm not good to type in English but will probably understand all words are shown to me.
      I will try my best to help anyone in coop game if possible, keep in good play and cooperative. also I'm not try to hurt any peoples. (except accidentally and/or misfire)
      Thanks in advance and sorry for bad English skills.
  5. XXL?çKŸ

    XXL?çKŸ Guest

    1. In-Game name & Forum Name - XXL?çKŸ (same as forum)
    2. Steam Link = http://steamcommunity.com/id/XXLuckyLovePlutia/
    3. Current Level = Level 41 but since my level got rest by unknown reason (I just report this to this thread(http://mgftw.com/threads/7329-People-that-lost-levels-PLEASE-READ-HERE?p=95049&posted=1#post95049)
    4. What Servers you usually play on? Actually, I always play in HK Point Reload which is best for me to play with low ping and no lag; However, I play some other servers like the Halloween Event Server that is popular right now
    5. Legit Copy or Non Steam - Legit Copy. I bought Valve Complete Pack which means Left 4 Dead and 2 where is included.
    6. Something about yourself. I am not an asshole, troll, and noob that would let the whole team die and fail the map and finales, You incap I`ll run as fast as I can and help. Sacrifice if it is needed just to let the team win the map.
  6. 1. In-Game name & Forum Name

    Andronikos Palaiologos

    2. Steam Link


    3. Current Level

    Level 103

    4. What Servers you usually play on

    Asia COOP, used to be on SG server last year which is idk, gone now?

    5. Legit Copy or Non Steam

    Crusader Kings 2 and Hearts of Iron 3 @ Gamersgate

    6. Something about yourself....

    Was playing a lot last year and join iNSANE Clan. Now i come back to game to play again
  7. RedReiko

    RedReiko Junior Member

    I'm now joining Death Eaters, thank you Berry !
  8. Burntcheese

    Burntcheese Guest

    1. Burntcheese for both names
    2. steamcommunity.com/id/lookathisimrich/
    3. level 63
    4. I usually join the HK or EU server most of the time. I also join the CA server if it's populated.
    5. I bought the legit copy for 75% off. I love summer sales.
    6. I'm very active and I try to be a team player. If I see a person behind, I'll go back to them.
  9. Stephy

    Stephy Junior Member

    1.????TE????? and Stephy
    2. Http://steamcommunity.com/id/awesomesteph12
    3.Level 21 but hardworking to level up more :)
    4.I play mostly on EU and HK server!
    5.I bought it at 50% discount recently before the summer.
    6.Hello everyone! Nice to meet you! I'm from Singapore! I'm friendly so feel free to add me as friends! :D
  10. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Welcome to MG. Ask if you need anything.
  11. Pieman067

    Pieman067 Guest

    1. In-Game name: Pieman
    Forum name: Pieman067

    2. Steam Link/URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LeLennyTheIII/ :D

    3. Current Level: 113

    4. What servers do you usually play on: I usually play on CO-OP, preferably CA but EU is ok too.

    5. Legit Copy/ Non-Steam: Legit Copy from Steam

    6. Something about yourself: I like pie (obviously stated in my name). My favorite game as of now is L4D2, and I'm a Le Lenny fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley-happy093:
  12. 1. In game name:!PreMie< ShaDoW?! ?. Fourm name: !PreMie< ShaDoW! DK

    2 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/carrotcuke

    3. Current Level: 211 (I will Soon get a 10x booster)

    4. What servers do you usually play on: Eu Co-op and Eu Versus

    5. Legit Copy/ Non-steam: Legit Copy from Steam

    6. Something about yourself: I live in Denmark I'm a breakdancer. I'm 16 years old. My favorite game is L4D2, and I like pizza
  13. darwintanamas

    darwintanamas Junior Member

    IGN: Ojan
    Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/darwintanamas/
    Current Level: 35
    Server i usually play: Coop Asia
    i have Legit Copy
    i just bought L4D2 for two weeks and i became addicted. I think join a clan can be something fun. i need clan with lvl 20 and have all buff.

  14. Lollipop

    Lollipop Junior Member

    1. Lollipop
    Link to Steam ID
    3. 165 (im relatively sure it was higher a year ago-very hard to gain levels and i remember being happy about getting the 175+ mark cause of skills etc (i didnt play for a long time)...checking with mgftw atm, but 165 for now)
    4. eeeh PR CO-OP, probably mostly US CO-OP
    5: legit copy
    6. I was in Firehawks (a year ago?), got busy, didn't play for a while and now it seems they are sorta inactive and I am without a clan.
    I would like to join cause 1) its nice to be part of a community and 2) arsenal, extra knife, anti-goo, shared xp etc. make playing easier! If you are a clan and have a free slot for me lemme know :)
  15. Reminiscence

    Reminiscence Junior Member

    1. Reminiscence (both the same).
    2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ashley-Love
    3. No idea what do you mean by current level, is it steam or the game itself but if it's game i am above 60.
    4. US or Asia Server.
    5. Legit
    6. Something about myself, ummm no idea, it's for me to know and for you to find out!

    Already joined a clan, thanks everyone.
  16. Hawk

    Hawk Member

  17. Mugen

    Mugen MG Donor

  18. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    [leader of zomg]
  19. Shanny

    Shanny Junior Member

    1. Shanny
    2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049697069
    3. Level: 52
    4. I play daily for about 4-6 hours straight in mgftw survivor server
    5. Legit Copy of Left 4 Dead 2
    6. I started playing Left 4 dead 2 4 days ago. Back then I was in Level 1, after 4 days I'm in level 52. I'm a melee player, I always try melee zombies whenever it's possible.

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