L4D1 Rush Hour/Military Attack.

Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by Popshotz, Dec 23, 2010.

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    So the event is going very well - everyone seems to be enjoying the new game mode and I think it has potential to be great.

    So in this thread post things you enjoyed, things you think should be improved or removed, etc.
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    I had one of my greatest times on L4D with that event. Thanks a lot for that :)

    That's completely insane, you really have to run for your life. Except when you can't. Yeah, the panic events can be really tough, especially when four tanks are having a party in the elevator on No Mercy :D
    That and the witches. Oh, I kept being killed by witches blocking the way... (and then sometimes took my revenge on them when playing as a tank :roll: )

    But there was a lot of bad spawns for the tanks. We too often spawned in a place that we couldn't leave to go after the survivros. So we had to past time with tank fights... Also, we had a server time out at 1:20 GMT, I think (and some others later), so we had to reconnect and start over from No Mercy each time. And starting from the first time out, there was no more countdown for a military attack. There were still lots of tanks and everything, but no more big booms...

    Anyway, apart from that, it was great fun, and I'd like to be able to play it again :D
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    Re: L4D1 Rush Hour/Military Attack.

    Don't thank me, thank Honorcode :P

    I noticed some of the spawns were under the map, that'll need to be fixed if marvel allows it to become a new server ;)

    I agree with the fun factor, when i played it with honor a few days before it was fun, and that was only two people.
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    Re: L4D1 Rush Hour/Military Attack.

    I found a copy of the source code. I could improve it for future uses.
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    Well, it was more of a general thanks to the MG team, but now that you point it out, thank you Honorcode ;)

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