joerve combat logged.

Discussion in 'DayZ Servers' started by piiisch, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. piiisch

    piiisch Junior Member

    title says it all...
  2. piiisch

    piiisch Junior Member

    oh.. i´m "lx" ingame. i dont accuse players for fun. it´s just what happened.
  3. Sportivoman

    Sportivoman Junior Member

    Ban him for a week id reckon if that's the case ?

    Probally didnt want to lose his loot who knows ?
  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'll talk to him. We don't ban for combat logging btw. We had code running in the past to reduce combat logs but it conflicts with base building so it's one or the other.
  5. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    I didnt combatlog, I was in the lobby the whole time, someone else combatlogged and because I was in the lobby ryanpc told you that I combatlogged. When I quit playing I always hang in the lobby. When you made that accusation I was in the lobby for 1 hour or so.

    Just check your info before you start crying all over the forums.
  6. piiisch

    piiisch Junior Member

    if this really is the case, i´m truely sorry. it´s just that you were the only guy in the lobby right after the guy disappeared. as far as i know this is a pretty reliable way to check.

    funny enough 2 minutes after the guy disappeared you logged off. this i didnt imagine.

    i´d like to put it this way: i know someone combatlogged, all indications point in your direction, but i respectfully take back my "accusations".

    i dont "hate" combatlogging. it´s just stupid. and a real killer of atmosphere.

    the point of my post also wasnt to accuse someone, just to make clear that someone DID combatlog. i just thought it was forbidden.
  7. MarksmanR

    MarksmanR MG Donor

    I combat stumped instead once.
  8. JorisK

    JorisK Day Z Admin

    We wish we could temp ban/ban people for it but he problem is, that we cannot prove/disable combat logging, thus makes it impossible for us to take action on.
  9. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    If he just ALT-F4's then he's not in the lobby so a lobby check is not always reliable.

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