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  1. =H=Super Joe

    =H=Super Joe Junior Member

    Hello :)

    My Name is Eljin and i am from Philippines. I'm 14 years old and play at your servers mostly when i'm playing L4D2. My IGN Name is also in my username ^^ :D. I found the servers very interesting and enjoyable. Well, I'm still a noobie at L4D2 :D . I mostly play at the ASIA and US Server, and i am level 28 ^^ still new.

    Well, cyu in game soon :)

    Steam Link :
    Facebook Link:

    Again, Cyu in-game guys :) :D
  2. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to MG Super Joe. I hope I see ya playing, you will be a high level in no time! Please post anything you want to know here and we can help out. :peace:

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