Increased T3 spawn

Discussion in 'Game Server Ideas' started by Horama, May 4, 2017.

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    People on server complain a little they see less T3 since event , and i I don't know the reason ( add of new tank ? - spiltter , mirage , etc ) , i think increased it JUST A LITTLE is enough

    I have some idea :

    *Add a new T3 i let timikit thinking about his stats ( in his thread )

    *May be you can change the clan buff - Advanced Lure - that's not cumulated with others clan for moment or add a new level in tank lure about T3 rate spawn

    *T3 spawn only at finale and half of finale suck for this tank ( The parish and dead center by example ) may be allow for all map it's better

    People can't do the expert daily quest so less people can level up ( 500k exp everyday it's a great help )

    Thanks Have fun
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