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idea About MGFTW servers

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by CommanderXx, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    well I see that things in the servers never been like before but I think I can help it,first the problems is there is no new things happen in the servers so ppl get board of it seconde that the amount of player is stabled not raised but lowed so I can bring some of my friends but if they found the server weak or without players they will just leav,so If you can arrange time for mgftw so I can bring new players would be helpful, also as long they found lot of mods of mgftw servers the more the more they going to stay ,let's make some events on credit or o free items in game and more give them seconde chance to every one add more command like mute for the provokers add new maps on the empty server so players can be intressted again.
    any way I hope I ve helped thx u all for checking the topic

    Edit:also you can make in the for section for ban appleas/report/report staff members so he can see their discussion of report or of there report and post and reply on it
  2. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    OK, I know that you're trying to help and all. But you should take into consideration the following points.

    1. You set the pace(of progress) but then nerfed it (who likes nerfs, thats right! NO ONE)
    2. Ping, although a it may seem like a small thing, it has a massive impact on enjoyability (event servers cant be everywhere, as firstly theres not enough players, secondly it costs more money)
    3. Meta, when the meta ie. the previous meta of pipe bomb spam in vs. When these change you will definitely see more people go than come. (recent meta changes weren't very popular)
    4. Good events ie. the halloween event isn't something that takes 5 minutes to whip up. It takes quite long and needs testing to be done, bugs to be found etc.
    5. Right now as of the new PR system, fixing the quest bugs is a top priority, although it seems HC is quite busy hes still taking small steps to fix them. Making an event now would require him to put the current bugs aside and also a lot of his time.
    6. Custom maps like the hardcore COOP server is rather troublesome as they are pretty big, not to mention there are plenty of bugs in them that may present more frustration than enjoyment.
    7. Giving players more commands like spawning tanks is pretty much out of the question, as it basically takes the excitement out of tanks.

    Why I have stopped playing is due to a mixture of 2 and 3 (as well as the one below) as playing with 500ping all day isn't fun. Keep in mind these are "my opinions".

    Suggestion on NERFS, this is by far probably what I deem the most unpopular way to balance a game. Its like saying I will give you 5 houses and you rent them out, then after a while they say "No give me 2 back, your getting too much rent money". Instead of nerfing, buffing of something else to make it balanced would be more popular. I understand that HC is working unpaid, but I feel he should take some time to talk the the whole community before making changes.
  3. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    I would also love to see the servers full and the US and Asia servers back but the game is 7 years old and if some servers only have a few people playing on them it is mostly a financial decision to drop the servers. For the last few months while the US server was still around people were rarely in it and the Asia servers get DDOS all day so it is frustrating for us gamers that do not live in EU. Please bring your friends on and if they like it then great but if they think we suck then that is ok too :D I do not think this game is on it's last legs but for sure L4D has seen busier days!
  4. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    i will bring them for sure,also I know that they won't say it suck because your servers modes really cool because once I joined hiddien infected I was playing it like for 2 month constantly but once all player left it I felt that there is no more fun that I can ve,but all I need some players so what happened to me don't happen to them also if u can unban a little of the guys who go prembans and message there yahoo or something I will tell them to check it while you reading,

    but my main idea here if we put the ban protest section in this site it will be easier to ve a chat in the topic with the 1 who got banned I got banned by House-Erik it took me to long to tell them what I needed to say also couldn't see if my ban protest rejected or accepted for me I got unbanned like after month from my banning and came after 5month because I didn't know I was unbanned.Thx for reading
  5. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    Guys why ur making coop slots 16 only if the server is full then new members or even any play can't join make it like 20 or 30
  6. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Actually L4D2 was not supposed to have more than 4 (in vs 8 ) slots at all. Afaik there are some issues with more than 18 or so.
  7. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Costs and coding would need to go up exponentially for every player slot there is, its not like you can just click "increase" for player slots...
  8. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    im not saying it's by clicking by but ofcourse more player would be better,but what cost are you talking about? like what's it gonna cost

    LEGEND Senior Member

    I wouldn't say the cost goes up exponentially. I'd say it goes up more linearly.

    Not every gaming community rents gaming servers, some just buy a Linux server and stick SourceMod on it which allows a lot more than 16 players to connect to it. The limitations therefore come in the form of bandwidth, whether the players connected can handle the other extra players and, of course, if the game allows that many players. As far as I'm aware, SourceMod alongside L4D2 only allows up to 20 (?) players connected. If you're renting a game server then the costs go up linearly because of the need to buy each player slot, if you're renting a plain Linux server (which most modded server communities do, including mgftw) then it goes up much more slowly.

    Why can't we just add a maximum of 100 players? Well it's not so simple. L4D2 is built on 30 ticks, which means that every second a player receives 30 updates. Comparatively, TF2 and CS are 60 tick games. Now, imagine if we added 100 players. On every tick the server knows where each of the players are because they send updates of their locations and what actions they are performing. If we have 100 players then one player must receive 100 updates of every other player. So for 100 players this 100[SUP]100 [/SUP]updates that the server is sending out :O. If we have a normal 4v4 game then this is only 8[SUP]8 [/SUP]updates. Obviously, the server performs optimisations that reduces these numbers down so that they are manageable, but I'm just providing an insight as to why this isn't as easy as it seems.

    You mentioned coding as a cost, which is true. For a piece of software like PR, good coding is defined to be the extent to which it handles any number of players, and Honorcode has developed very good software in that regard. I think now that the creators of SourcePawn are updating their coding language, it will give programmers like Honorcode to revise software like PR into better forms.

    It's going to cost Valve some time adjusting the Source Engine to cope with extra players. It's going to cost mgftw extra money in the form of more powerful servers to pump out the required bandwidth. It's going to cost players money to invest in better broadband to receive the updates from the server.
    Anyway I agree that players need something more to keep them interested in an old game like L4D2 so any suggestions are welcome. I think in terms of gameplay we could discuss a lot of things forever so I'll throw some suggestions that aren't gameplay related and I think, as a long term Marvelous Gaming member, these would be refreshing to see:
    • This forum needs a facelift. It's very buggy and user experience is not as expected, plus there's not enough engagement for regular users.
    • Event notifications. Via email or app (see below).
    • Develop an app that allows users to buy PR items. The app could also provide a chat system and/or notifications to say when events are on.
    • Website needs a redesign. PR Control Panel would be welcome.
    • HLStats. We can do better.
    I have a massive personal interest in mgftw ever since I joined and I'd be willing to set aside some time to help these come to fruition :)

  10. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Good post Legend, very informative.
  11. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    eh dam I just knew lot about of this stuffs the idea seemed easy but it's complicated thx for your posts and your time guys I hope I helped in any way or another if there is any other ideas I won't hastate to share it with u guys also pleas the idea of slots not the only 1 there is lot for ving players back also can u message ppl to there yahoo automatically like when you send the verify code and tell them about your new updates events would be good
  12. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Hmmm thought the costs would go up exponentially since as you said the server would need to handle more updates from more ppl. Welp this is rather informative.
  13. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Apart from the Stuff Legend said 64 as absolute maximum is also a hardcoded engine limit.

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