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  1. Bandit112

    Bandit112 Guest

    okay need head of infected, have killed on normal and expert but nothing seems to drop, have no idea on what to do with this quest, looked on most maps, but assuming u need to kill infected for the heads.. Nothing seems to be dropping, is it a random thing that drops or am i thinking wrongly about the quest..

    any help appreciated.

    thankyou in advance.
  2. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    Most of the drop tv's quest are a random drop and i still see few heads drop every now and then but the chance rate of dropping them has reduced massively because i remember at the start, it was easy to do the quests. The drop rate was high, there were radio's and boxes in like every saferoom which was too easy to do the quests so now the drop rate has been reduced a lot where i personally have not been able to find few quest items after knowing the exact location of finding them and trying to find it there like 100 times but it's all about luck i guess.
  3. rapsusklei

    rapsusklei Junior Member

    since I started this quest I only find the head of a charger, it is pretty damn hard to find them you just need to stay like the last of the team .. don't rush you will miss a lot.
  4. erik

    erik Senior Member

    The drop rate for the Head quest items is very, very low... especially the Tank Head.
  5. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    The head items are actual heads now, not TV's. Look for a quest item colored glowing zombie head. Personally, I've only ever got the heads when someone has used a melee weapon to kill the SI, not their gun.
  6. ZombieGirl

    ZombieGirl Senior Member

    I started this quest like 18 months ago and i still need 3 head's...
    Don't focus on it to much and try finishing other quests ;)
  7. erik

    erik Senior Member

    You're not as greedy as the average player. In fact, I'd say you're much, much more kind than you really have to be. You have to get in there and snag the prizes like the others do. :)

    Unrelated ZombieGirl note: "Hanging Off A Ledge" Re-Defined:

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