Honor Market Buff Price Changes (POLL)

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About the Versus Only Buffs, should they have level requirements?

  1. Yes, players should be a bit experienced in using some of these buffs.

  2. No, leave them as they are... it might discourage the low level players from doing versus.

  3. Don't Know.

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  4. My response is in the post below!

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hey'll, timkit here with another forum thread, this time it is on the Buffs from the Honor Market...

    NOTE: Alright... level suggestions are now final!

    Now while most buffs do not have any effects that can only be specifically activated when you are at a certain level, there are a few that do...

    So I wanted to suggest changing the level requirements in order to purchase all of the buffs from that market so then it wasn't either a waste of Honor Points to purchase it (due to the uselessness of the buff at the current level) or the experience required in using the buff.

    Mainly the suggestion is:
    1. Change the level requirements for all of the buffs that can be purchased from the Honor Market.
    2. The Honor Point cost requirements to get these buffs should remain the same. They are fine as it is.

    Here's the screenshot showing the list of all Versus Only Buffs (I.e. The buffs only obtainable through versus)



    So... I'd recommend changing the level requirements of the buffs to as follows or something similar:

    Electric Frag Grenade: 1 -> 125
    Guardian Dispenser: 1 -> 150
    Assassin Drone: 1 -> 150
    Crush resistance: 1 -> 100
    Flamethrower: 1 -> 230
    Acid neutralizer: 1 -> 130
    Corrosive Vomit Jar: 1 -> 60
    Over Excitement: 1 -> 150
    Double Barrel Shotgun: 1 -> 201
    Persistence: 1 -> 220
    Gory Killer: 1 -> 125
    Protective Bag: 1 -> 180
    Nihilism: 1 -> 201
    Bird Whistle: 1 -> 180
    Self Preservation: 1 -> 80
    War Wounds: 1 -> 201
    Enraging Waves: 1 -> 100

    Let me know what you guys think in the replies below! Don't forget to vote at the top as well if you want.
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