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Hidden Infected server policy-and other stuff related to vs and coop

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by CommanderXx, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    Hallow guys I have mentioned before that why coop or Versus server players don't join Hidden infected so I asked in coop some players why they don't like Hidden without mentioning names asking him why he replied with weird answer by saying "I don't want be banned"

    ​so for seconde time asking him why you're afraid to be banned he replied by saying that it's hard to play the server and rules not supporting newbies and not quite good server for new players

    ​seconde player I asked him why you're not playing Hidden infected he's answer was that there was time that 75% of bans came from hidden infected and that made him afraid from playing because he never received ban in his lifetime play and more so people fear from getting of being banned exist

    Third part and it's about newbies earlier in 2-4 weeks from now newbies joined server everything went good form reading help and watching video so here where the problem does exist playing normal with everybody skills made the new player leave because he has no skills so I don't know if you can do that but can you make the newbies have like 5min practice as survivor and hidden infected before playing shoving hunter planting mine (in special place with 1 bot to pratice ) etc before he join so he can do things little smother , I would like to mention also that if u can make free booster item that exist for newbies to level them up from 1-100 fast because I had several friends that play hidden infected and once they joined in versus mode I was really hard to play it for some who don't have normal moded upgrades like the pull with smoker etc
    I know there is boost pack exist but some don't want take risk paying money to try it and some don't see that's worthy so I think that would be good to prove for both of those doubters that's worthy

    4Th point and the last finaly sorry to make this too long for you and I know that you trying your best and as far enough it's working I don't mean to be against any of your server policy but some of those seconde and first point really happened to me and far as I know in third iwas low level also I got level 195 (in coop) in 2-3weeks maybe lot less but I was really active and not every one can be active (due 2 there work and summer vacations) I sat down for a lot of hours because I'm in vacation so that booster back is good for newbies and will cost nothing less but make sure if you do it make it able to use from level 1-100 only usable until you reach 100,
    ok that's it thx for your time hopefully I made good points
  2. killua zoldyck

    killua zoldyck Junior Member

    God i miss the old times. I miss that guy...
  3. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Noone needs to be afraid of getting banned on the servers in general aslong as you play with the rules and not against them. Like randomly killing a survivor even though you are not a Hidden Infected or was kos'ed before. Same as if you dont switch mid game or between the 2 rounds in versus noone is gonna say anything. (Balance reasons like if 3 ppl left should be obvious but even then you should wait for a scramble) or common issue (taking a look on the recents posts about it) farming be it tanks or SI or whatever. Just keep the game on moving and you dont need to be afraid of getting banned at all.
  4. CommanderXx

    CommanderXx Junior Member

    I just can't find way to encourage players to play I mean I won't lie I received lot of banns when I first got in hidden Infected due to being newbie I really can't decided who's inf or not even after any kos rule but after that players started to help me nikki elax longjhon and lot other and till I finaly got how to play game if you would search in my ban history I got 5bans 1due to disrespect staff and other 4 in mg due to low karma so I feel the other players so as I suggested in my first post making them feel safe only way to make them play btw I didn't mention about any team switch mid game I meant that being low level in VS is not good for the newbie player to have fun I had friend I made him join he play HI so he felt like he's not really playing I told him to try play coop tell get level so he can earn more exp and cash from the server so the booster back from level 1-100 would help him to get leveled up faster in vs or coop so it encourage him to play more as he's getting stronger

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