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Discussion in '[L4D2] Points Reloaded' started by trundley, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. trundley

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    Guys I need help! I've been playing on the coop server for a few weeks now and i've checked my rep periodically and i've always been well in the positive, im talking +500-600 rep range. Tonight I joined and was asking how to spawn a vending machine for a new player and myself and the person in question got teleported into a part of the map we should not have been able to reach. For some reason I was then kicked due to massively low rep (-999) and kept getting kicked when rejoining.

    I was just wondering if there were any logs to show my decline into the negative rep or if this is just a massive bug and it can be fixed by the admins, thnx.
  2. Atlas

    Atlas Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Admins or other players like timkit can answer your question, one i can say about spawning vending machines, it's an item you can get from the "store", "quest", "events included" and only Head Admins are able to spawn them, so they don't have to buy one (for timkit or admins) if i'm correctly right.
  3. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I've been doing a ton of reputation reworks recently, and one thing I didn't know was that people going out of bounds absolutely destroys the rest of the team's reputation. I fixed this bug just about an hour ago, but having said that, it seems you got hit by it pretty badly. Link your Steam profile and I'll reset your rep back up to 0.
  4. Since you asked a question... Allow me to answer it! :D

    When you either have a Vending Machine (x1) or Premium Vending Machine (x1), you can activate them to receive exciting awards.
    - [PR - GUIDE] The Vending Machine contains a lot of items inside. Activate it and enjoy!

    To activate a vending machine, point your cursor down at the nearby location where you would like to place your vending machine/permium vending machine using your mouse. Then, type !inv or go !cp then press 3 or so for your inventory, and find your item as desired. When you have found your item in your inventory, press the number associated with it, excluding numbers 8 and 9. Then you will want to press 1. use item. Now the Vending Machine, Premium Vending Machine will be placed down and you can grab your rewards!

    Now a couple of things you should note...
    - When a Vending Machine/Premium Vending Machine is spawned in any map. a message will pop-up saying (PREPARE FOR THE MACHINE!) to let players know that someone on the server has spawned one.
    - The Vending Machines are the ones obtainable from quests/events/MG Store just like atlas said. However for the quests, you will want to know that once you complete every quest associated with a quest NPC, then you should get a vending machine as one of the rewards from the last quest completed. Be sure to find it by finding green supply boxes, going up to it, pressing e and then 2 to obtain your item.
    - The Premium Vending Machines can only be obtainable from events/MG Store in the same way as a vending machine. But not through quests.
    - The Vending Machine is a Green Colour Vending Machine that gives single exp/cash toasters when placed down. It has a green glow to indicate that it has spawned
    - The Premium Machine is a Yellow Colour Vending Machine that gives multi-toasters when placed down. It has a yellow glow to indicate that it has spawned.

    There is a third vending machine, Red Colour Vending Machine that gives 5 pills in every toaster when placed down. It has a red glow to indicate that it has spawned. ONLY spawnable by head administrators.

    Thanks to mute for fixing up the bug that trundley did have. Appreciated it :)

    Let me know if this answered your question trundley. Thanks :)
  5. XeroX

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    The issue still persists (not sure if this is the issue because there were only bots) but i ran through the first map of no mercy and a bit of the 2nd map and after like 3-5 min after leaving the saferoom you will get constantly a rushing rep penalty even the bots are right next to you.

    I dont have -999 rep but you still get the punishment for playing it with bots.
  6. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I think I might've caused that by accident after trying to fix the first issue, I tried to make it ignore the current survivor being checked in the average distance (so rushers don't skew the average), but forgot to check if you were the only survivor or not, which I guess made the average distance 0. It has been fixed.

    Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused, but as I always say, it's nigh on impossible to test every scenario alone, as such the only way is to put it live and see. If you find any other weird quirks, let me know here or on Steam. If you are also curious about what affects your reputation, you can go to the Control Panel in-game, then Settings, Notifications, and enable Reputation event notifications.
  7. trundley

    trundley Junior Member

    thanks for the help.
  8. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Alright, due to the sloppy implementation, I went ahead and reset the reputation of all players that were active within the past 14 days (when I first implemented it) with negative reputation back up to 0. That should be a fair compromise, and hopefully there shouldn't be any more random rep loss for no reason.

    Also just realised this is in the wrong section, moved it to General Discussion instead.
  9. fnord

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    Nice Mute!

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