Helms Deep Tickets will disappear 4th September 2017

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    On the 4th September 2017, all Helms Deep Tickets will be wiped from all players' inventories.

    This is something, in hindsight, we should have done before we released 1.7. The reason we are wiping them now is that we are going to introduce a better way at getting them (one that doesn't involve odds close to winning a lottery). Not wiping them would defeat the point in the new method.

    More information regarding the new acquisition method will be released the day the old tickets will be wiped. We are giving this advance notification to let you use as many of your old tickets as you can before they disappear.

    Of course, this will mean the Scenario server will have less activity as tickets wont be as common, but that was the initial idea. Scenarios were meant as an occasional extra, rather than something people do several times a day, hampering player activity in COOP or Versus. The reason the quests are marked as 'daily' was less a requirement to perform them daily, and more to serve as repeatable, but with a daily gap.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Note: This isn't related to obtaining the tickets through Honor Points. This will be another method strictly in COOP.

    The 4th has arrived, and so has the new method.

    In order to get a Helms Deep Ticket, you must craft it from 3 Torn Helms Deep Tickets. Crafting it has a base 25% success rate, but can be increased by the Crafty Upgrade. Tier 3 tanks have 2 chances per tank to give them.

    The first percent chance is 100% - (5% * minutes to kill). So a quicker kill has a higher chance to get a torn ticket, but even a 10 minute fight can still net a 50% chance.

    The second percent chance is 100% - (20% * dead survivors at tank death). Simply put, when the tank dies, the chance of it giving a second torn ticket decreases for each currently dead survivor. Defib them before the tank dies to increase the odds.

    If the chances are successful, then the torn ticket will be given to a random survivor who dealt at least 30,000 damage to the tank. This is done so that people who work for it can earn it, and so the torn ticket isn't randomly given to a new player who has no clue what to do with it. We will be monitoring the numbers and tweaking them if needs be.

    So in short, kill Tier 3 tanks quickly and with minimum loss to earn Torn tickets. Craft torn tickets to make a full one, and use that to start the scenario. I recommend upgrading Crafty and Tank Lure if you haven't already.

    Another minor change also is that the minimum requirement for receiving tank rewards changed slightly, instead of a flat 500 damage, you must deal at least 1% of the tank's max health as damage. In the case of the Splitter Tank, it's 3600 (120000*3*0.01). You can easily tell if you've done enough damage as the damage dealt value in the !tankhp command will change to a pale green colour. It will also change to a dark green colour if you dealt enough damage to be valid for the aforementioned Torn ticket drops.
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