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  1. Gman1255

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    Hi I'm Ryan and I like Left 4 Dead 2. I've owned Left 4 Dead 2 pretty much since it came out and I have been enjoying it since, I still even remember that gliding glitch :). Of course I haven't put an insane number of hours into it yet as I only have right now something like 350 hours. I mostly just play your points reloaded servers as I'm not that too big of a fan of versus anymore :P. I mostly play on this server with any dumb random name I can figure out. I change my name so frequently so I though it would be easier to appear with a tag, [RGB], so people can easily identify me in game :). Right now my name in game is Boner Patrol.

    Here's a funny story: On my account I have 2 VAC bans, I know right haha good joke. The best part is that they're both in MW2 and MW3, you know, the games where your own private servers are VAC secured. Yeah so in related terms Valve no-scoped me from across the map and had me bent.

    Anyways, great server! Great community as well, I think I'll be staying here for a while as long as that timer works.
  2. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the compliment, welcome and enjoy your stay :)
  3. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome! and enjoy your stay.

    Please, keep in mind that using hacks in our servers is a great way to get banned fast :)

    These include all mpgh releases such as hacks and patches which you seem to be very fond of.

    I certainly wonder your reason for changing names, but stay clean and have fun. See you in game.
  4. Gman1255

    Gman1255 Junior Member

    Of course man, no worries. I don't even use MPGH anymore and I haven't really for years now. I only go on now and then to browse hacks to look at the source code as I was always interested on how these things work :)
  5. Gman1255

    Gman1255 Junior Member

    Oh and thanks for reminding me that I have that, I wanted to get that account deleted for some time now because people like you will assume I still do stuff like that.

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