1. Hello every,

    Since i started playing l4d2 again and stumbled on your servers i been searching for the forums of it, and it is well named :D cause it is marvelous. Also this is my intro so I will give few info about myself:

    Name/nickname: Mohammed, but 100% of the times i either get called leo or leon :P

    Age: 23

    What i like to do?: Gaming most of the time, started gaming since i was 3 years old, from nintindo, atari, dreamcast, sega, gameboy color, gameboy advanced, psx/ps1, ps2, xbox, and now pc gaming. (also mobile phone games)

    Genre of games i like to play? action/adventure, horror MOSTLY, mystery, hack&slash,rpg, fpsrpg, ammorpg, mmorpg, aaaaand... lil bit of MOBA.

    What games i play? well mostly i am a fan of some horror games and action games that had a long and great storylines such as Resident evil, Silent hill, Devil may cry, and Metal gear solid/rising.

    I liked (still like xd) the community in MG servers, communicative, helpful, and give guides when asked which is what makes the community strong and live in my opinion, and thats another thing which made me look for the forums and know more about the community of MG'ers.

    Also have a small youtube channel that i upload my gaming videos on, had it a very long time ago, but i started caring about it like 2 months ago :P

    Well that's all i can think of for now, and if anyone got any questions that they would like to ask me, feel free to do so :)


    =H= Leon
  2. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to MG Leo, played with you a couple of times, of course if you have any questions, fire away, we're here to help. :)
  3. Thx razor, my question for now would be about clans, skills/buffs etc.
  4. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

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