Having a !readyup command for COOP/Custom COOP/VS/Scenario servers?

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Should the !readyup command be implemented into mgftw?

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  1. Yes - have it ready for the next update :)

  2. Yes - in a future update.

  3. No - I don't think it should be implemented at all.

  4. I don't know yet / My response is in the comments.

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I'm not the original person to come up with this idea. However I might as well talk about it.

    EDIT: Alright guys, Mute has given his response to the idea, which is as follows:
    "as for the ready command, ill be honest, im not sure its worth the time to code it, since people can just say in chat if they're ready or not. if they dont respond to chat then they probably wont respond to the command usage so you can tell if they're not ready or afk or something"
    In my view of this, I should recommend that the idea, not be accepted... I think we are all good enough ourselves just to ask if everyone is ready, there's really no need for a command to automate that process.

    Anyways thanks to you all for your feedback on the suggestion :) time to move on with this forum thread and the idea itself.

    Oh yes, it is also time to ask mute to close this forum thread down...

    With the !readyup command, you could see in the server who was ready and who was not ready to do whatever it is that is about to happen on the COOP / Custom COOP / VS or the Scenario server.

    The conditions for activating the !readyup command are as follows:
    - You can only activate the !readyup command every 3 minutes when there are at least 4 or more players on the server. (If there are 3 or less players, then you will be given a PR message stating that there are not enough players, and you can manually work out between yourselves if you are ready)
    - The !readyup command is active for 20 seconds. All the players that are in the server at the time the command got typed into chat are eligible to vote for the duration. (Any player that joins late or goes !afk at any time during the voting duration is ineligible to vote)

    The only thing that people would need to do is either press 1 for 1. Ready or 2 for 2. Not ready which can only be done once per vote. It is like your yes or no vote and it could be used to see if people either need a bit more time with preparing with their buff sets or to really see if any player in particular was afking before or at the time of voting.

    The vote would have a duration of 20 seconds and it would have a cooldown of 3 minutes before any player is able to call out the !readyup command again in chat.

    Once the vote ends, the results will be given out in chat and in hint text to see what the result is. Additionally, any players that were not moving for the past 10-15 seconds will now automatically be moved to the !afk state (this doesn't apply when a scenario is currently in progress on the scenario server)

    This is how I could see this command working in mgftw.

    In chat
    |(Donor) timkit [™۞]: !readyup
    |[PR] timkit [™۞] has started a !readyup vote!
    |[PR] Press 1 for Ready or 2 for Not Ready.
    |[PR] This vote will last for 20 seconds.
    |[PR] If any survivor has not been performing actions
    |for the past 15 seconds, they will automatically go
    |into spectator mode when the vote ends.

    NOTE: The last part only applies to all servers but the Scenario server. (in the case of a scenario currently in progress)

    (In hint text, this is printed to all players that are eligible to vote)
    ([PR] timkit [™۞] has started a !readyup vote!)
    ([PR] Press 1 for Ready or 2 for Not Ready.)
    ([PR] This vote will last for 20 seconds.)

    (When you press 1 or 2 to say you are ready or not ready)
    |[PR] You are Ready!

    |[PR] You are Not Ready.

    (20 seconds later and as an example)

    |[PR] The !readyup vote has completed! Times up!
    |Number of Players Ready: 18
    |Number of Players Not Ready: 0
    |Number of Players that didn't vote: 0
    |[PR] You may use the !readyup command to call a
    |vote again in 180 seconds.
    |[PR] All players that didn't perform any actions for
    |the last 15 seconds were automatically moved into
    |spectator mode.

    (In hint text, this gets printed to all players, regardless of whether they did vote or not and regardless of their eligibility to vote at the time of the !readyup command)
    ([PR] The !readyup vote has completed! Times up!)
    (Number of Players Ready: 18)
    (Number of Players Not Ready: 0)
    (Number of Players that didn't vote: 0)

    (Now when you try to use the command again while it is on cooldown, and as an example)
    |(Donor) timkit [™۞]: !readyup
    |[PR] You cannot call a !readyup vote just yet...
    |[PR] You may use the !readyup command to call a
    |vote again in 60 seconds.

    (If you try to use the command on a server with 3 players or less)
    |(Donor) timkit [™۞]: !readyup
    |[PR] You cannot call a !readyup vote just yet...
    |[PR] There are not enough players to use this

    As 1 player has mentioned, there is a problem worth mentioning:
    CeWe: honestly, I do not see the point
    One player can check that he is ready to start, but then he can pass afk
    CeWe: oh well , let s see what happen in the near future
    CeWe: this votes seems very promising
    CeWe: xD

    Tiger wanted to add this in to the idea...

    GuardianTigerLinHu [Ω]: and also make this command can let spec player vote,so slow loading player can join the game

    This is the opinion of what some other people think...

    cawfee (rare): oh i see
    cawfee (rare): its more like a heads up
    cawfee (rare): i tot it makes afk players go idle
    timkit [™۞]: well
    timkit [™۞]: I haven't considered that at all.
    cawfee (rare): they go idle anyway haha

    A Pastrami Sandwich [Ω]: good idea for vs and scenario, coop not so much

    burntcheese: probably scenario and vs only

    GuardianTigerLinHu [Ω]: you know my potato pc,i will need this command for VS

    PepeHands: i think its better for scenario only
    PepeHands: it wont be really useful for vs

    Gyze [™۞]: Yes
    Gyze [™۞]: but for coop i suggest no

    Extrenger [яω]: i think yes... only on scenario and vs
    Extrenger [яω]: i dont see much usage for coop
    Extrenger [яω]: but is a good idea

    - Any player could just press 1 to be Ready and then go off and be !afk everytime the vote gets called.
    There isn't really any fix to this problem as you wouldn't want to make the code complex (by noting in chat the number of players that did vote but doesn't do any actions or does less actions than a normal survivor would in 20 seconds)

    What would you guys think about this suggestion/idea for mgftw? Leave your feedback below! :)
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  2. Good idea but how about the player just join game ( scenario server ) then go away computer and do their stuff ?
  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    In the case of that player, if they were on at the time the !readyup command gets called out, they are of cause an eligible player to vote. However if they don't vote within the 20 second period, they'll be added on to the Number of Players that didn't vote count.
  4. I think the command should be implemented on scenario server only. It's not do much in coop server, and VS either
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  5. LeAF

    LeAF New Member

    agreed, this will be useful only in scenario and versus, not coop
  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I know it has been a while since i've posted, despite having updated this...

    Yeah, you guys are right. I only see the !readyup command much more useful on the Scenario Server, VS is a maybe but just wait until PR V1.8 comes out before thinking more about it. What I see for the best uses for the !readyup command are...
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