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Gameme stats issue

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by yank33, May 29, 2018.

  1. yank33

    yank33 Member

    I have been informed by my fearless leader that i have stats there as an individual, but am not listed there as part of Dominions Dogma clan :'( The suspicion is it is probably due to the *evil* part of my name, confusing the Tag identifier, if that's how it works. (Edit: i appear to have been placed in an Evil clan all by meself)

    At the bottom of the clan stats page there is an 'admin edit' function, i was wondering if that could mebe be used to help somehow?
  2. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Should be fixed :)
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

  4. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I've made another change, but I think it'll only update once they join a server. If it doesn't change then post another reply.
    Horama likes this.
  5. yank33

    yank33 Member

    That worked :) tytytytyty

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