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Discussion in 'Rules & Admin List' started by Mr Zombie, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    I'm in-game now speccing him, he didn't change team and he's playing survivor now.
  2. Arkadian

    Arkadian Junior Member

    yer, i noticed that in recent logs. I guess maybe the fact more people we're complaining about him doing it or I told him to stop it.

    Here are the screenshots:

  3. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    For this situation, you would really need the screenshots saying he switched to the infected team during the game :P
  4. Arkadian

    Arkadian Junior Member

    Yer i know lol, Didn't really think ahead of that I would need, should taken two screenshots of him being spiiter when i was infected and then n surivors. The only back up I can give is from the Player event history:

    From this and onwards:
    2011-08-13 12:36:40

    He starts switching and becoming only boomers and spitters. I wish you guys still had chat logs, then I could show you how I tried to make him switch back to survivors :(.

    But if it isn't enough proof and you can't do anything more Nova, thanks anyway.

  5. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    He has already been banned 5 or 6 times for the same reason and his previous ban was for a week (by Joerve) , i'd say he still hasn't learnt from his bans ..
  6. smokke1982

    smokke1982 Banned

    Here's a situation. In the last few days I have played with a guy, [​IMG] TR> Turkish Fafeynk

    Every time he was Survivor and got in-capped by a SI (after using his knife) he would go !afk or leave and rejoin. If there were bots available he would take over if not he would leave till the next round.

    My question: Is it allowed to afk when in-capped so you can take over another bot if your bot was klled?
  7. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    lol no, take a demo or screenshots so we can take action please
  8. Hazemberg

    Hazemberg Senior Member

    I know that tank blocking a way with his own body is not against the rules, but how about in Brigde (Parish finale), where there's a timer going on and tank blocks the ladder of the truck? We shot, some players can go through it, but we lost a lot of time killing it and then, we die because the rescue left us and bridge exploded.
  9. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    I think there is nothing wrong in blocking the bus ladder because this situation is different from a normal ladder where a tank may go back from the ladder so you can't shoot him and then he comes and punches the guy who tries to climb the ladder .. In this situation, the tank can be shot at all times and any good team can easily deal with a tank there. You can also use the bile on the tank to partially blind him..
  10. smokke1982

    smokke1982 Banned

    OKi, here's a question. What is the best action course if you face a tank, and that tank is:

    • Not paranoid but has 40k health
    • any kind of damage you do to it regenerates as soon as he hits someone
    • tank is in the safe-room farming survivors
    • Health does not go under 20k after almost half an hour of slicing and dice-ing
    Happened today, first map of Blood harvest. SubZero something was the tank and we were 6 survs in the saferoom and still couldn't kill him after almost 30 mins :)

    Is the player that has it supposed to go afk? or keep the tank till the survs are dead? It's obvious that he cannot be killed/kicked as tank
  11. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    Chances of that happening is quite rare but it would kinda suck if you were forced to go AFK just because you got that tank. The way i see it, either sort that tank thing out (if it is not meant to be like that) or just fight the tank and probably die at the end because the player who got that tank didn't do anything wrong. In a way, that is like saying, you have a paranoid tank, we can't kill you so go AFK. Well this is what i believe but it would be nice to hear from other admins and players and see their opinions on this.
  12. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    Is it a bug ? If not, then I don't think anything should be done against the player.
    Game rounds can't be perfect and sometimes stuff like this happens... Maybe it sucks for the team that has the clear disadvantage, but then again, anyone in that tank's place would love to have a little fun.
  13. Tracer

    Tracer MG Donor

    I have a question. I was told by HonorCode today that it's been discussed, and that standing/blocking on ladders as a tank or spitter or any SI is allowed, since it can be done on a normal server. He said standing on ladders with tanks or SI is allowed, but you just can't put OBJECTS over ladders, like cars to block. However, another admin today slayed me because of it, saying you can't stand on ladders.

    Can we get some consistency and determine what the the final word on this? From what I understand this was already discussed and there was a group decision on it and it was okay, but, if the group decision has changed, can you collectively finalize the decision so the community can know the deal and play the game properly to your rules?

    Thanks all!
  14. Chocobo

    Chocobo New Member

    My understanding is that it is NOT allowed to block a ladder as a tank. However, it is okay to block as any SI. I believe that was the conclusion of the last discussion, was it not?
  15. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Regardless of what you are all saying, said or are saying; it still happens daily and an active saying in PRVS Is to "block the ladder!"
  16. avilroad

    avilroad MG Donor

    Blocking the ladders with infected bodies is allowed now.(Or I misunderstood you?)
  17. Beasty Ribs

    Beasty Ribs Guest

    Where are the forum rules? About a month ago they were being worked on.. still working on them, or since there is no drama atm has it become not important. ?
  18. Beasty Ribs

    Beasty Ribs Guest

    I am aware the server rules are posted.
  19. TJ

    TJ MG Donor

    It has been pretty quiet lately.. I wonder why lol :P
  20. szSteam_76561198049914430

    szSteam_76561198049914430 Last Online: 39 hrs, 42 mins ago

    All are busy playing.[​IMG] :D

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