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    I just bought a fire sword on the web, but it doesn't work in the server
    upload_2019-1-22_18-45-29.png upload_2019-1-22_18-46-5.png upload_2019-1-22_18-46-25.png
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    Firstly, if you haven't activated the item yet, you want to type !inv in chat in game to open your inventory. Inside, you should find the Flaming Sword buff item. Use the item and it should now be unlocked.

    Then, type in !buff into chat, which should show another panel. Inside that panel, choose option 2 labelled "Choose Buffs". Another panel will show up with a list of buff lists you have available, select the bufflist labelled "Coop". Finally, select an empty buff slot, choose the Survivor option, then select Equipment buffs and finally Flaming Sword. If it's done correctly, after you pickup a new melee weapon that Flaming Sword works with, it should work.

    All buffs either bought in-game or from the store have to be equipped for them to work.
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