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    I'm pretty sure that there wasn't a thread mentioning it in here so here is some information for it:

    We will be hosting an event starting from April 16th until April 24th.

    Chocolate eggs
    Collect chocolate eggs by playing on 2 special servers. Exchange them for really cool rewards!

    Hidden Infected became a deathmatch mode! The easter bunny visited the hidden infected and gave them hallucinogen eggs.

    They are filled with paranoia and kill each other for no good reason!

    (Good for us, we love chaos)

    Special daily quest (Will)
    Complete the hard special mission to instantly receive 100 chocolate eggs as a reward!

    In order to access the event server, you must subscribe to the following workshop addons:


    Daily quest:

    Hope you have fun and see you guys in-game! [​IMG]

    Quoted from honorcode on steam (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MGFTW#announcements/detail/507061256579281309)

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