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Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by Hey Koolaid, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    For all of you who wonder about createing a guild and ask other players for input your worrys are over. Hello I'm Koolaid Leader of the three branches of Umbrella Corp. I've been asked by some of our players about how to create a guild and what all is available and how much time is needed. I will try to cover the points in this post.

    1. What is required to create a guild? The awnser is simple really. For starters start gathering your 50000 points. Next kill a shaman and collect the broken guildstone and complete the quest to repair it. *WILL* The other option rather then the one above is to purchase one from the MG store.

    2. Type !gp and the menu will come up asking if you would like to create a new guild. Pick the option "Yes" and then choose your name. Once you have choosen your name hit "ENTER" and it will ask if you are satisfied with your name choice, if so hit yes or enter whichever the option shows.

    3. Pick your guildies! If you have alot of friends wanting to join or you want to have random strangers join type !gp hit the key 4 to enter manage the guild. Next hit 1 to invite a player. In the menu it will show players that are not in a guild and you can press 1 2 or 3 however many players there are that are without a guild. Once you have invited all the members you can you have begun the treck of a leader.

    4. Choices, choosing is a hard thing for leaders at times. Once you gain enough points you can choose to buy a buff or wait and save for the lvl up. Always make the choice you want, it's your guild and you know whats best for your members.:trollface:

    5. Guild buffs, we have we alot currently even for our new guilds that are rising up. Alot of the buffs are well known and loved / Hated. Survivor Buffs

    • Sharing Health: (GLv. 1 | 3,500Pts) All guild members will receive 5 HP bonus, based on the amount of guild mates on the survivor team. For example, if the team has 5 Guild members (including yourself), you will receive a total of 20HP bonus for the round.
    • Extra Knife: (GLv. 1 | 2,100Pts) All guilds members will receive an additional Knife slot, only if they have the personal Knife buff activated.
    • Evilness Protection: (GLv. 2 | 5,000Pts) Picking up an evil item will not affect your teammates.
    • Discount: (GLv. 1 | 6,100Pts) Reduces the bounty requirement to buy ranged weapons on the store.
    • Leader Fanaticism: (GLv. 1 | 7,000Pts) Decreases damage received by 30% of all guild members within a radius of 250 units from the guild leader. Effect disappears if the guild leader is Incapacitated and the guild leader does not get affected at all.
    • Mega Laser: (Glv. 10 | 21,500Pts) After a lot of technology research, your guild is finally able to play with powerfull lasers. With this buff, your guild members will be able to shoot a strong laser using hunting rifles. In order to do so, players must crouch and hold the fire button so the laser can charge. <Only usable on coop>
    • Special Ammo Sharing: (GLv. 3 | 4,250Pts) When a survivor picks up special ammo such as fire bullets or explosive bullets all guild members (on the same team) will be equipped aswell.
    • Anti gloo: (GLv. 1 | 1,350Pts) Your guild members will learn a way to avoid getting stuck on spitters spit when they are crawling. Unfortunately, this knownledge cannot be applied to their feet.
    • Detect: (GLv. 7 | 5,620Pts) After a long research, guild members have finally discovered how to see invisible jockeys in small areas. However, it is not possible to fully see them. Jockeys around 180 Units will experiment a 70% visibility increase.
    • Veteran Pistols (GLv. 5 | 7,890Pts) After some training, your guild members have finally learned how to upgrade normal pistols fast. Right after they pick up a pistol, it will become a veteran pistol and will deal between 300% and 1500% more damage!
    • Exp Farmers: (GLv. 2 | 7,810Pts) Guild members will earn more experience points if they fight together (15% more exp per guild member connected) <COOP ONLY>
    • Mutated Fruits: (GLv. 12 | 8,050Pts) Will enable mutated fruits spawn. Only guild members can pick them up. (Mutated fruits will give special, tepmorary and rare buffs).
    Infected buffs

    • Ice Shield: (GLv. 7 | 10,000Pts) Your guild members skin will mutate as infected, making them impossible to trace with intelligent projectiles. Prevents intelligent grenade launcher projectiles from tracing your guild mates
    • Smart Hands: (GLv. 15 | 31,550Pts) Infected guild members can pick up special items
    • Melee Wrecker: (GLv. 6 | 14,600Pts) Guild members playing with a tank, will mutate and will break survivors melee weapon randomly (0.1% chance)
    Common buffs

    • Crafting Mastery: (GLv. 1 | 2,000Pts) Your guild members will learn the crafting mastery and will be able to create gems easier. 1% luck, multiplied by the current guild level, is increased.
    • Lottery Kings: (GLv. 20 | 100,000Pts) Failing the supreme lottery, will not level down your guild mates
    • Hell Tank Protection: (GLv. 18 | 95,000Pts) Block damage from Hell Tank meteors and lightings
    Guild War buffs

    • Freezing legs: (GLv. 10 | 4,500Pts) Reduces the speed of the members on the enemy survivor team (1%, multiplied by guild level, reduced)
    • United Fury: (GLv. 10 | 15,000Pts) All kind of damage inflicted towards members of an enemy guild that are on the survivor team, is increased by 5%, multiplied by the guild level.
    • Blackmail: (GLv. 15 | 25,000Pts) Increases bounty cost for the enemy guild
    6. Guild Points, the questions rack up and stack upon each other when asking about guild points. 0.9% of the experience and points earned from members will be added to guild stats. *information provided by Honorcode* What this translates into guys and gals is this. I've tested this and it has proven true for me. Say you earn 10 points for killing a si well what that translates into is 1 guild point essentially. As for the algorithm for working out the xp earned. We will leave the 0.9 to be a sufficent measurment.

    If you have more questions purtaining to this feel free to ask. :D

  2. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    Great FAQ on guilds koolaid!

    I have a question or two... Any chance you can add an EXP table for each guild level up to 20 ?
    Also, are guild buffs only one level or can they be upgraded?


  3. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Some current questions / info. that I either don't know or have been asked about. Plus, I'm working on the wiki.


    1.) Are buffs / pricing current?

    2.) How many gamers / slots can there be per level?

    3.) Why do we see some guilds at unattainable levels like 30? (Will benefit others and I know they ask a lot.)

    4.) How do you level up a guild / what does 101% to your next level mean?

    5.) I just got Veteran Pistols; whey don't they work in COOP?

    6.) Can I change the name of my guild or my tags?
  4. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    1. Yes all buffs and prices are current.

    2. A lvl one guild has 4 slots and at every new lvl 2 players may be added to the guild.

    3. Someone that has a guild attained at lvl 30 has the biggest prestige of all being called Honorcode. Unconfirmed but in the event of a guild lvl increase lvl 30 will be the max lvl.

    4. 101% of a guild lvl means its time for the guild leader to get off his lazy butt and lvl the guild up. once a guild hits 100% if they have enough points they can move up in lvl. Like xxx Guild has 3000% at lvl 6 the guild leader will lvl the guild with the points his or her team has achieved and become lvl 7! However even if your at the 102 or even 900% the excess percentage DOES NOT carry over into the next lvl up.

    5.Because vet pistols make you aultra badass in vs doesn't mean you gotta be an ultra badass in coop. In actuality a lvl 210 player with vets with max power can breeze through a map and leave the little low levels to die, thats no fun for the high lvl player or the lowbie.

    6. No once you choose your guilds name your stuck with it so if you make a guild named magical rainbows then your stuck with magic rainbow. On the other hand the guild tag unless inputted when making your guild can be changed Via this thread. Post your guild tag and take a gander at the other guilds tags and become more acquainted with them.

    7. Concerning Lvling up a guild buff you cannot. For instance lets talk about the knife buff if you could lvl it up to say lvl 5 then you would have 6 knifes and at that point theres just no point in going after people they have to many knifes and will use them slowly throughout the map and make it into the saferoom with no troubles. Because of this and other reasons NO You cannot Lvl up a guild buff.
  5. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    Guild Lvling

    Guild Level 1. you need 240,250 xp % and 1500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 2. you need 480,500 xp % and 3000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 3. you need 720,750 xp % and 4500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 4. you need 961,000 xp % and 6000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 5. you need 1,201,250 xp % and 7500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 6. you need 1,441,500 xp % and 9000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 7. you need 1,681,750 xp % and 10500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 8. you need 1,922,000 xp % and 12000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 9. you need 2,162,250 xp % and 13500 points to level your guild up!

    Level 10. you need 2,402,500 xp % and 15000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 11. you need
    2,642,750 xp % and 16500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 12. you need
    2,883,000 xp % and 18000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 13. you need
    3,123,250 xp % and 19500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 14. you need
    3,363,500 xp % and 21000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 15. you need
    3,873,750 xp % and 22500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 16. you need 4,114,000 xp % and 24000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 17. you need 4,354,250 xp % and 25500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 18. you need 4,594,500 xp % and 27000 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 19. you need 4,834,750 xp % and 28500 points to level your guild up!

    Guild Level 20. you need 5,075,000 xp % and 30000 points to level your guild up!

  6. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Stick this / these answers.

    Disagree about the vets though! We're losing newbies on PR-COOP every day.
  7. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    I don't really know on vets :p it is the coders discretion if they wish to add this or change it.
  8. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    Any more questions?

    The guild lvl points and xp table have been added. If there are any other questions feel free to pm me and if it is not covered in the current topic i will add it!

    Thanks, Koolaid
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