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Complete inactivity of mine

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Gonzalo, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Junior Member

    Hello everyone
    Y'all have noticed that i haven't played on l4d2 MGFTW for weeks.Sorry to post it this late but
    I am currently employed as Server Admin on TF2 community server so i have to focus on tf2 community as it is my job to keep fun and peaceful place for everyone there.
    So i have stopped playing L4D2 for a while but i will play it sometime later.
    I couldn't find inactivity thread so i posted new one here
    Estimated Return date:2016/03/26
  2. Kaji

    Kaji Junior Member

    Sounds like an awesome job to have. Best of luck to you man.
  3. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Junior Member

    Update: I was at stage of Trial admin (Beta Admin) on Nec community and now i have become full primary admin.
    Complete inactivity will end tomorrow but i still can't play as often like i used to,however i will try to spend some hours in L4D2 in weekends.

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