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Commonly Asked Questions about MG Store Orders

Discussion in 'Marvelous Gaming Store' started by erik, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. erik

    erik Senior Member

    This is a list of some FAQ's regarding MG Store orders:

    1.) I placed my order, why haven't I received it?

    Orders have to be manually processed. ETA is usually "within 24 hours." Most orders are credited almost immediately or within a couple hours.

    2.) What can I do to help speed up the order process?

    At the very least, tell us your in-game name; it helps more to go to "Statistics," (HLStatsX) and find your STEAM_ID in the 1:234567 format.

    3.) I earned a Store item in a quest. I want to give it to my friend; how do I do that?

    You don't; unless the store item has an order # attached to it, items can't be gifted.

    4.) How do I buy items for someone else? Can I buy a Donor account for someone else?

    You can buy anything for anyone you want. All you have to do is use the NOTES section of the order... Example:

    "Please transfer X to Steam ID 1:234567 and give the MG Premium Account to 2:345678."

    It is not difficult to buy for others; just tell us how you want it distributed.

    5.) How do I contact the Store regarding my order?


    It is not necessary to start a thread for things you have not immediately received, or every time you place an order.
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