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  1. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    We are currently testing the new clan war system.

    To schedule a clan war please go to War Management on the Clan Management menu option. Then select "Schedule new War" and select an enemty clan.

    Once the enemy clan accepts the petition (At the same location in the menu), you will have to connect to the clan wars server (USA ONLY) at or search it on the steam groups server browser on the game.

    This is just a TEST so expect some bugs

    1) On each chapter, there'll be 3 flags spawned on random locations that can be captured by war engineers, co-leaders and leaders. It takes nearly 45 seconds to capture a flag but it will give the following benefits:

    -200 Points for the survivor team (Versus Score)
    -10 bounty for all survivors
    -10% bounty gain decrease for the infected.

    Which means, if survivors manage to capture all flags (its optional) they could get up to 600 points, 30 bounty and 30% bounty gain decrease for infected which is a pretty good boost.

    2) Progression points made by mains will still count as usual (400, 600 or 800 on larger maps).

    3)Bonus points per survivor who makes it to the safe room is 150. This doesn't completely override the purpose of mains as they still can make a lot of points. It may encourage rushers but with some clan buffs reducing survivors base speed we shouldn't have any problems.

    4)Each time a survivor gets incapacitated, 8 points are subtracted from the team. This way, the infected team will have an additional strategy to carry the team to victory at the end.

    5)Defibrillator penalty will start as 30, and will be multiplied by the total amount of survivors deaths on the present round.

    This is a bit tricky to get, but here's an example:

    Lets say 3 survivors die, and one person revives 2 of them.

    That would be 30 * 3 * 2 (2 defibs used) which leads to 180 less points (an entire survivor!). Imagine if 7 survivors died and 5 got defibbed. That'd mean almost 1050 less points.

    This adds an additional strategy for the infected. If they manage to kill 3 or 4 survivors really close from each other, and an enemy survivor tries to save one but ends up saving all 4 (Increased electricity) that could mean a score bonus at the end.

    I think this will get things interesting and we'll see a lot of competition and strategy around .
  2. Duncan

    Duncan New Member

    Thank you, we have been waiting for this for a long time :D

    I got a few questions, it will be 6 vs 6 like in the test or it will be 10 vs 10 ?

    For obvious reasons im not gonna be a fan of the "defibrillator penalty" but I still have a question, you said "the total amount of survivors deaths on the present round", does that mean at the time of dfibing someone, or pr will keep count and it will be the sum of ppl that die in the round -> using your example, "Lets say 3 survivors die, and one person revives 2 of them. That would be -30 (penalty points) * 3 (dead survivors) * 2 (defibs used) which leads to -180 less points" My question is, if one person die after that and I dfib him, will it be 30 * 4 * 1 ???

    I like #4, and #1 its cool because if you take down their leaders they will not be able to take the flags.

    Spawn tank in SR will be enabled ?
  3. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    If the person dies after that and you revive him again you would have -30 Penalty * 4 dead survivors * 3 defibs used at the time that the survivor is technically revived (Defibrillator action ends and disappears from the weapon slot).

    The tank spawn inside saferoom will be evaluated. As I said, this is the Beta state of the version 1.2 (considered stable on normal servers but may fail on special new scenarios).
  4. shikio2012

    shikio2012 MG Donor

    someone wanna fight with my clan o.o??
  5. Kakarot

    Kakarot Senior Member

    Me me .. Pick me
  6. sure we could do a test match today, i added you on steam.
    We'll talk further there for the finetuning.
  7. well i scheduled the first match on the server against aod, a 6x6 match.
    we had enough players but aod only had 4 players, so we couldn't start.
    i also can't remove the schedule, so we'll try to play again later today.
    meanwhile the server is blocked for others i think.

    i also noticed that clan ex-members that are not listed in my clan when i check !cp clan settings could join the match.
    also i can invite more than 20 people now in my clan.

    maybe somebody can assist later in case we can't start again.
  8. shikio2012

    shikio2012 MG Donor

    ok dude now we need coordinete one hour and day for the war
  9. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Clan Wars are temporarily disabled to fix some issues.
  10. Doctor Jones

    Doctor Jones MG Donor

    Feedback/First Impressions

    Here some bugs I experienced on yesterday's first Clan War Session:

    1. More players can join than scheduled. We scheduled a 6vs6 event and had 7/6 players on Team 1 and 5/6 players on Team 2. So the match couldnt start until a player of Team 1 left the server to make room for a player of Team 2.

    2. The "Ally" function doesnt seem to work at all. Yesterday, 2 allied players of the enemy clan tried to connect to help them out but they weren't allowed to join.

    3. A countdown was initiated when Team 2 lost a player due to connection problems. The countdown timer didnt stop even after the member managed to rejoin in time. The result of it was the disqualification of Team 2. Please reset the 2 Victory Points the Elements of Pain won by defeating the Gang of Devils.

    4. The round ends when all Survivors are incapacitated. Like in vanilla L4D2.

    5. After disqualification of a team all players became "stiff" and were interacting without animations, aiming at the ceiling.

    6. After scheduling an event it was impossible to schedule another one with another clan.

    7. Maybe it was my fault but the server unlocked 15 minutes after the scheduled time. It should have taken place at 14hrs but the match started at 14hrs 15mins.

    8. It would be nice to have ChooChoo's pathing on the Clan War server.

    I hope this helps you to fix the problems.

    Everything else is just epicness with awesomesauce and a masterpiece of work!
  11. Gang of Devils! yay!

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