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Clan Tank Buff Point Earning

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by fufu, May 4, 2017.

  1. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    First I want to thanks again for the efforts made by MG staffs
    for making MG server such a long lasting exciting game

    Since the latest updated remove all other special tanks
    the only tank we can buy now is either normal tank or clan tank
    while we are trying clan tank
    to make clan tank a little different then normal tank is that we need to buy clan tank buff
    but to earn the point to buy clan tank is nearly hopeless and time consuming
    we are facing difficulties and facts as follows

    1.It is almost impossible to start a clan war
    Ive only heard one for the past 6 years

    2.the time to wait a member to reach level 220 reaches a chock point after certain most active players did
    there are in fact so few people is willing to stay active and constantly play the game consider L4d2 is an very old game

    3. Just like the exp we earn after reach the capped level
    there is nothing we can do to earn the point no matter how often we play or stay active in MG

    PLEASE consider ADDING an alternative way for us to earn the point
    so that we trying hard to bring back VS server alive
    and sometimes even waited in an empty for hours for people to join
    at least can have some feedback
    I know that many people left the game not long after they reach the cap level and feel bored
    it is one of the major reasons why there was once no people plays coop server

    after all
    I believe all that clan war or clan tank and etc.
    were first designed to bring more fun and keep people continue to play the game
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