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Discussion in '[L4D2] Points Reloaded' started by ChooChoo, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. ChooChoo

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    So, earlier on PR-VS, I heard players got kicked off the server, with the reason of "CBaseEntity::InputKill()"

    So, you might be wondering, why does this happen?

    Well, I consider it Valve's half-assed way of cleaning up things in the saferoom tunnel once the finale event starts. If playing single-player, online co-op, this command "kicks" the infected bots if left trapped behind. It's meant to despawn them, so they can spawn during the finale.

    However, when you have a co-op game of 16 players, or a VS game where you have 8 survivors, only 4 of those are "mains", which the game counts on. If all of the mains are outside (or dead), the finale can be started. This means any non-mains in the tunnel will get "kicked" by this valve command.

    At least, this is roughly what I understand of the command. So, moreorless, just try to make sure not to start the finale until the rest of the survivor team is outside.
  2. fnord

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    Thanks ChooChoo good info. To add to that you can also be kicked from The Passing if you are a donor and change you char to a non L4d2 char on the first map.

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