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  1. Derflinger

    Derflinger MG Donor

    I might add more in the future. Some of the buffs are Mechanics in other games
    1.) Delta Squad (can be a Clan buff) COOP ONLY.
    A buff that gives the player you choose a Class or Role. 4 Roles in general having there own Pros and Cons.(Squad can only have 4 members)

    * Leader -
    Pack Leader's Aura - Increases Nearby Player's Movespeed and Firerate by 5%.
    Shout of Fortitude - Increases Defense by 4% and additional of 1% for every player around the leader for 10 seconds player's are healed for 50hp and extra 10hp for each players when the shout is deployed (cooldown 5 minutes.) Player's Affected by the Shout will be immuned to slow effects for 5 seconds.
    Inspire - Shoving a player will increase its defense and damage by 5 % for 5 seconds. (Cooldown 30 seconds) Incompatible with Motivator.
    Drawbacks can't equip throwables and pills/adrenaline. Multiple Leader Aura don't stack.

    Weapons Expert
    - Assualts can carry 2 Primary with Decrease ammo of 20%. But can't Carry a Medkit, Ammo Upgrades and Pill/Adrenaline.
    Nimble Body - Assualt has increase Movespeed of 15% and Jump Height cannot be slowed. But Recieves 20% more damage.
    Grenade Marker - Turns your throwable into a Artillery Marker.after a 5 second delay Bombards the Area with selected Grenades. (Cooldown 4 minutes)
    Pipebomb - Bombard with Normal Grenades (200 damage affects teammates too).
    Molotov - Bombard with Napalm (5 Molotovs). Napalm will stop any Regeneration for 45 seconds
    Boomer Bile - Bombard with Bile (with Dense Vomit Cloud) with a 10% Chance of Irradiating Infected.

    War Doctor
    - After Reviving a downed Player increase defense by 5% for 10 seconds.(Can stack for max of 25%.)
    Overcharged Defibrillator - Defibrillators will resurrects Dead Player for full amount of HP with invunerability for 5 seconds.

    *Support - has a deacrease in damage recieve by 5% and a 10% increase in Ammo (Primary Reserve Ammo.) Has a Ammo Pack, When deployed place a Ammo Pile (10 charges/use. Ammo Pack Recharge every 5 minutes.) Or you can give Ammo Directly by Shoving a player with the ammo pack a charge will be use. Drawbacks same as Medic (except the ammo upgrades).

    2.) The Prototype Railgun
    Turns the Awp and Scout into a Prototype Railgun that charges when Mouse1/Fire button is hold ammo charges 1 ammo for 0.5 seconds and each ammo on the magazine deals 150 damage can be charged up to 10 regular. And can be Overcharged with 10 more ammo but has a 5% chance for each overcharged ammo to explode on user dealing 200-400 true damage. Incompatible with Cupid's Arrow. COOP ONLY

    3.) Ground Slam

    Shoving the Ground with a melee weapon will emits a shockwave in a small AoE around the player dealing 175 true damage and knocking back any surviving Infected for 2 seconds except for the Tank, Decrease Melee swing by 20% for the Cooldown Duration of Ground Slam (20 seconds). A Special Infected can't be affected by the same knockback from another Ground Slam Ability for 10 seconds after they are knockbacked. COOP ONLY

    4.) Combined Heavy Tactical Armor/Vest.

    Adds another Consumable in the Shop called Heavy Armor for 30 bounties, The Armor has 3,000 HP, And Movespeed Upgrades will be nullified Decreases Overall Movespeed by 25% and Common Infected will not harm you but will still slow you.
    While the armor is on You're Unstoppable 100% for Special Infected, Special Infected Claw Damage is increased by 25% and will be divide into the armor and yourself for a 50% on Armor and 50% to your health.
    Tank Punches will not fling/throw you in the air, instead it will stagger you for 2 seconds and deals 75% and 25% ratio and Earthquakes skills will not throw you in the air but inflict a 300 damage to your armor.
    Each 10% armor health depleted the movespeed reduction will be decrease by 2.5% and Unstoppable Chance by 10%. And if the armor breaks you will be stunned for 4 seconds, Dropping from a high place will trigger a Ground Slam (No Swinging Penalty). Can only buy once for round.
    Andrenalines will just give a Swing Boost and Reviving Speed.
    Incompatible with Adrenaline Run, Unstoppable, Speedy Water and Mobility Master. COOP Only

    5.) Unstoppable Bloodlust (Ninja Enchancement)

    Killing a Special Infected with a melee weapon will reset Swing Fatigue and gain 100% Unstoppable for 3 seconds (Can't be triggered twice in 15 seconds.) Any Special Infected Killed with a Melee will heal you for 20% of max HP of the Special Infected.(Except Tanks.) Instead any Damage to a Tank that doesnt nullify Melee Damage will heal you for 1% of your damage (works with Butcher Buff.)

    6.) Cursed Sword.

    Turns the Katana into a Cursed Sword that turns the User's Melee Damage into True Damage inflicts a random debuffs for 5 seconds (Debuffs can't be trigger twice in one Special Infected for 25 seconds.) and ignores Immunity with Decrease 25% swing rate and doesnt benifit (Swing Rate Upgrades/Adrenaline).
    If the sword is picked up, equipped or holstered, The sword will drain the User's Health for 25 true damage for second. But killing a Special Infected will heal you for 40hp. Healing with Medkit will intensifies the Sword's Blood Consumption by 5hp per medkit max of +25hp (Being healed by a teammate counts but not with First Aid Saving and Health Dispenser). The Blood Consumption will drain you until 1hp. Then the Consumption will stop until you get above 1hp Again.
    Incompatible with Butcher, Ninja and Flaming Sword Buff. Coop Only
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hey man... nice buff ideas, however some of the ideas for the Delta Squad Clan Benefit and the Prototype X-01 seem a bit too overpowered in my opinion.

    Delta Squad Clan Benefit
    - Cooldown when shoving players should become 25 seconds.
    - 2 Primary Weapons and Throwables eh? I would recommend having it so that it is either 2 Primary Weapons or 2 Throwables, along with these additional changes:
    + 2 Primary Weapons: Wearer will be disabled from using any Secondary Weapon (and will automatically drop it if already holding one)
    + 2 Throwables: Restricted to only Pipe Bombs and Vomit Jars and cannot benefit from the Double Projectile Buff (it won't work while someone is using the Assault Role with 2 Throwables)
    + Also for the 2 Primary Weapons or 2 Throwables: Make it so the person who is using the Assault Role can only use either 2 Primary Weapons or 2 Throwables from the start of the round (up to 30 seconds after the round starts) and make this change permanent for the rest of the round.
    - Reduce the health regeneration to either 5 HP every 10 seconds or 1 HP every 4 seconds.
    - The defibrillator should only be rechargeable once every 5 minutes with the same effect.
    - 1 First Aid Kit/Defibrillator should be dropped every 3 to 4 minutes.
    - Add an additional restriction that you cannot use Defibrillators alongside First Aid Kits.
    - Reduce the Additional Maximum Reserve Ammo from +50% to +10%.
    - Ammo Pack becomes deployable every 5 minutes and has 10 charges.
    - COOP Only

    The Prototype X-01
    - Charge magazine ammo by +1 into clip size from the reserve ammo every second by holding MOUSE 1. Releasing mouse 1 fires the shots at your target.
    - You cannot SCOPE with the AWP/Scout.
    - Overcharge doesn't increase the bullet damage of each bullet.
    - Overcharge explosion deals 300-500 true damage to the user.
    - You cannot earn reserve ammo while charging the magazine ammo.
    - Changing weapons/Reloading will reset the magazine ammo and will make you lose all clip size ammo.
    - Incompatible with the Cupid's Arrow Buff.
    - COOP Only

    Ground Slam
    - Incompatible with the Hyperactive Buff.
    - COOP Only

    That's the end of the suggested ideas for the buffs.
  3. Derflinger

    Derflinger MG Donor

    I edited the Suggestion and Use some of Timkits Idea
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Alright, here's my 2nd reply to this post...

    1. Delta Squad Clan Benefit
    1 thing I immediately forgot to mention is that the 50% maximum HP gain on a defib should be halved for players with the Tenacity Buff and reduced by -15% to 35% for players with the War Wounds Buff.

    4. Combine Heavy Tactical Vest Buff
    Make it incompatible with the Unstoppable Buff, and it can only be used once per round once purchased from the !buy menu.

    5. All good, nothing you need to change there :)

    6. Cursed Sword Buff
    Make it incompatible with the Flaming Sword Buff and make it a COOP Only Buff (that true damage would be brutal on VS for the survivor). Otherwise good there too...

    Good ideas man, should definitely consider those for a poll for the next mgftw update!

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