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Do you think these reworks/rebalance should be made?

  1. Yes, they should.

  2. I don't know.. I think I'm having second thoughts..

  3. Nah, definitely not.

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  1. JustAnEntity

    JustAnEntity New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm back with more suggestion but this time, we're discussing about rebalancing or reworking a certain buff.

    Here is a couple of suggestions on mostly used buffs:

    Tank Slayer (Rebalance) - Instead of instantly dealing 300 bonus damage every 5 seconds, you'll now have a chance to trigger a critical shot that will inflict double damage that will pierce through tank resistance (not immunities). (Chance: 15-30%)

    Tenacity (Rework) - Same mechanics except, removing the defense limit, now increasing it per HP. For every 1,000HP, you'll gain 5% defense and gaining up to a max of 65% defense. (Could be higher, but this time, it's about balancing the total tank power of tenacity users.) Dropping below 10% HP gives a constant 25% defense.

    Mobility Master (Rebalance) - Same mechanics, but you wouldn't be able to jump whilst performing a dash. Most likely a balance to stop abusers from going to unreachable/bugged locations or places.

    General Tank Handler (Rebalance/Rework?) - Instead of generating instantaneous defense against tanks, you will now gain defense based on the tank tiers. (
    Before: 0.12 x Your Level as defense
    After: Tier 1 - 35%, Tier 2 or higher - 25% (Max defense gain is still 90%)
    (You can still get more defense from other buffs that gives defense, doesn't go higher than the cap)

    Ninja (Rework) - While holding sharp melee weapons (Axe, Katana, Combat Knife, Machete), you will reduce fatigue gain by 25%. Upon a special infected kill, you will instantly reset melee fatigue and will not gain more for 5 seconds.

    Butcher (Rework) - For every melee hit, you'll reduce their damage resistance by 1% (Max: 25%, the tank wont take more resistance reduction after 25% is applied by one person, meaning it'll stay at 25%), allowing the tank to tank more damage from sources . (Only works for Tanks that take melee damage, doesn't work with Deep Cuts)

    Ranged Expert (Rework) - Assault rifles and SMGs now ignores 50% of the target's resistance, they're not affected by attack bonuses from buffs, and no longer reduces the fire rate of the weapon, however, they still reload -25% slower.

    Chainsaw Dumbass (Rework) - Now lets you deal 50% of the chainsaw damage to melee immune tanks. Also has a chance to regain 20% fuel on every chainsaw hit. (Chance: 5%) (Reduces Gory Killer bonus by 5%)
    (The enhancement for this buff should still work with it)

    That's all I had for today, might be more though, still researching for whether they should or should not be reworked/rebalanced.

    Give your thoughts to these suggestions, thanks.
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    here's my 2 cents on these suggestions

    Tank Slayer Buff - The rework makes it looks like an Enhanced Weak Point Spotter Buff without ignoring tank immunities. The chance is also too high and it'd make shotguns over powered at close range lol.

    Tenacity Buff - Not sure if tenacity should be changed in this way.

    Mobility Master Buff - Has already been updated.

    General Tank Handler Buff - Sounds good. Though I suggest keeping it at 30% for VS with all tanks.

    Ninja Buff - Hmmm, maybe just add in the first line.

    Butcher Buff - Sounds good.

    Ranged Expert Buff - This is interesting.

    Chainsaw Dumbass - Sounds good... though make the chance low if you want a chance to regain 20% fuel.

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