Buff Refunds aren't being handled correctly after map or campaign change

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    Bug/Exploit Name: As per the above title. (High Priority bug because its also an exploit that can be used to gain cash and pills spent on the buff over and over again)

    How did this bug happen?
    When you go into general infected buffs (for example) from !cp -> market -> buffs -> buy buffs -> general infected buffs (any role). There is a refund option to refund the money spent on depreciated buffs. Ghost God Buff as the 1st buff in the list of general infected buffs is a depreciated buff that can be refunded. Of cause it works with the refund being successful. However after you finish any map or any campaign, the next map to load up will show that the ghost god has not been refunded and that it can be refunded again.

    Screenshot of the bugs?
    List of buffs affected
    Ghost God, Highly toxic cloud and silencer buffs going to be refunded
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...170/A5323967FAAAFBB7979AB0D33DEC6212606CEEF5/ - Ghost God
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...820/FC91D04DCAA660913315A6F349F7C4562F9BF688/ - Highly Toxic Cloud
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...978/7293E7B503102CC318F06BB6C79EA22E81524D43/ - Silencer
    Refund successful for the 3 buffs
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...912/5D79ACECC5E10FB98B5E194C40D400519458518A/ - Ghost God Refunded
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...710/19D23712E8F04C0EAE1FB3AF66FFFCF93FFE4AF0/ - Highly Toxic Cloud Refunded
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...007/396056DF4316BDC548E387023F18ED58E09F7ABF/ - Silencer Refunded
    ALL 3 Buffs appears again as refundable after map is changed when they are meant to not be refundable again.
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...004/4F54213DD30A41EC87C8D26602386F5EFBD371F1/ - Ghost God Refundable Again
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...998/936232F6AA9BD1E0BE34AB05A49BB13205773178/ - Highly Toxic Cloud Refundable Again
    http://images.akamai.steamuserconte...527/D4E21B27D9DA2C9A29F558BD5E5061BB5A1B7D4F/ - Silencer Refundable Again

    What can you do to fix this bug?
    Make it so that like the refunded upgrades and skills, buffs cannot be refunded after being refunded for the first time. to prevent the exploit from happening.

    Thanks for reading. lets see to it that the bug/exploit gets fixed ASAP.
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    should have asked to lock this post when this bug was fixed back months ago. apologies.
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