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    This post is for the guy that asked on one of the PR coop earlier on any tips. I can't remember who it was, apologies, but I did say I'll post on the General forum since I was running late for work (damn tanks).
    Apologies to the mods/admins if this is not the right section but please shift this after 24 hrs (in case the fella missed it)

    It will not be 100% accurate, so if a mod's around, feel free to edit my post please.
    I may be wrong or I may be right, but I'm giving what I know so far and would definitely learn from whoever has the correct answers for the wrong ones I gave :)
    NOTE: Search this entire forum for more guides as this is an ad-hoc on the go draft before I go for my next meeting. And go to the official wiki too.
    *Edit: Thanks Chocobo

    Beginning (This guide is subject to changes as we've 3 different server configurations) :P

    Play around with the command /cp, its your control panel where i'll strongly suggest you put your status bar in the middle, exp as % mode, and notification for bounty awards. After every finale of each campaign, use /saveme

    Stick to the middle group until you're above 100 and more confident in your skills/upgrades. Why not front? Cause if you get smoked damn far away or a hunter kills you too fast, that's it. Even if you're a vet at L4D2, if you just joined an Advanced map with highbies around, the Special Infected will be on a level high enough to eat you, skin, bones and all.
    *Insert : A good tip: don't blow up other people's fireworks or gas cans and stuff, it is rude!* Thanks Cunner, agree totally

    High ping, you get boot by system or admin. Nothing personal, just making sure everyone has a smooth game. I suggest you google Leatrix and get the fix. It helps for this game. I used to get the boot occassionally in EU coop until it fixed my latency somewhat.
    There's another part that helps by inserting some commands in a cfg file. I'll post it once I get home and open up my cfg file. It'll help but initial connection to server will be slow.


    An admin posted about this here:
    I followed it accordingly and has no issue so far.

    Good to have, since range bounty @ cost of 1 bounty helps alot, so does an additional knife and hp, and if your guild leader is on the same server, stick to him like glue, one of the guild buff helps to reduce damage taken around him. But not every guild would accept a low level player. If you find that you like the servers provided and intend to hang around, add me to Steam and let me know. I'll see if I can ask some friends to help with it. No promises though.. I'm pretty new myself.

    Multiheadshot spree = 4 bounty (use machete, katana or golf club for best effect, aim above the neck, but this is my own personal opinion. Golf club headshots can get you an achievement too. 200 Headshot via melee too, I think)
    SI (special infected) = 1 bounty *Edit: (non-lethal headshots do not give bonuses, thanks Insomniac)
    headshot SI = 1 bounty
    Revive = 3 bounty
    Defib = 3 bounty
    Bile tank = 3 bounty (+ Septic tank achievement) *3 not 5.. (Thanks Insomniac)*
    Incap teammate = -1 bounty

    get Crawling, Knife, Speedy Water, Adreline (when tank is around and you're in very low hp, helps you run like your ass is on fire), in running order if you can, the rest comes later if you do not have cash.
    Equip them on both COOP and Survivor buff slot. I aint sure which server you play as there's one server that runs on Survivor buff slot.

    *Edit : COOP buffs are meant for COOP servers. Survivor and Infected buffs are meant for VS servers, where the respective sets of buffs will apply whichever role you are in. * (Thanks Insomniac)

    Do the upgrades then the skills, but putting a level into those that does not require gems wouldnt hurt.
    Gem wise, invest a level into all except extended electricity first.

    Reputation (Not in Asia server currently)
    Reputation helps in killing witch. If you get team destroyer, you can't use !buy
    Anything negative, such as cause a reaction that hurt a team mate = lose rep.
    Simply put : the more damage dealt to teammate, the more rep you lose.
    To gain back lost rep, revive as many as possible. Protecting/defib/saving does not earn as much.
    For the better details, please follow this link to HonorCode's post

    Incinedary and explosive ammo hurts your teammates too. Though if I were you I'll save the explosive ammo to tackle Special Infected or Stun the Witch.

    BUT, if there's a tank/chaotic situation and you know there's another high level player running towards the fallen, let him/her do the reviving since they can do it much faster, and with proper enhancement, revive the rest of the fallen around him/her. Melee or knock back the surrounding zombies to make things easier.

    Bile & Pipe bomb are your two best friend. You can't hurt your rep too much with them. (If you've crap luck and hit the witch like I did though....) Unless you're covering the back and want to toss that last molotov for exp gain and such.. but as someone who has been in the 2 digit level before.. . Not until you get the hang of kniving, self-reviving. I got my ass handed to me on a silver platter too many times trying to throw that last molly, thankfully 2 players helped me out and from there I decided to stick around and found out a week later that they're actually admins (lol).

    To prevent spam, use / instead of !, e.g. /buy, /cp, /rebuy

    Tanks : (in general, though I'll strongly suggest you shoot him from far since Melee is currently only worth doing on Asia server)

    normal tank a.k.a baby tank = you can melee him if you want Tank Burger achievement or having max hp or just the heck of it

    paranoia/knight/shaman = bullets only. if you're in asia server, knight/shaman only takes 15 dmg per bullet so buy an uzi if you can, but if you're not near an ammo dump and you've limited bounty, buy dual pistol.

    Shaman can summon a friend, so look at the chatbox closely.

    Knight tank has a blue outline whereby Shaman tank has a yellow one, and Shaman tank can teleport, so just keep moving and shooting. If you want to stand still, be my guest, a shaman who teleports to you will like you.. alot.

    Tactics with a minigun available: mount it, when the tank climbs near you, right click to dismount. He'll usually climb elsewhere. Let him move a couple of paces, mount again. This is not a bug/exploit, its just that he's responding to the highest possible threat = minigun. I usually do it rather than close in for the kill. You get to kill the tank and get the shared exp faster. Don't bother about being highest damage to tank. Holds no water here. Unless no minigun is available, then its a different story :P

    Even if you are dead, knight, shaman still gives exp/bounty/cash/enhancement stones, so stick around.
    Metalized tank take damage from only 1 source, although I can't tell you how it works since I've only encountered that guy twice.. and setting him on fire did its work. Stronger than normal tank, weaker than para tank

    Paranoia tank - if he incaps you, he gets to have this Earthquake skill, more incapped survivors, more power to his skill
    I notice the higher the number of incapped, the higher his earthquake can throw you up into the air.. when you come down.. *splat* = instant death, no matter your upgrades for incap health or the amt of times you can stand back up. Not even mustachio bless helps, since it doesnt prevent pressure damage. *Edit : in the same location, only would the earthquake have such effect, thanks Insomniac*

    Witch : avoid it. Let the higher levels deal with her first. There'll be a reckoning once you get the hang of things. By then you don't even need to ask me. (heck, I'm having team pillar rep but with mustachio bless 10 seconds I still seem to chop her much longer than other people, so I can't comment on this part)

    Casino : don't. Unless you get an purple toaster that gives you full luck on your next casino or gem crafting. Below level 100, go for the high grade lottery ticket, above 100, craft a gem. You'll need it more. *Edit : color should be purple not orange, thanks Insomniac*

    : sorry I'm not good with those, there's a topic in here please search for it.

    Toasters : dont go all the way out to grab the nearest toaster. I've seen max level players kindly not pick them up and let you have the exp/cash/buff slot unlocking :)

    I’d suggest this
    In console, type this

    Bind b “say /buy”
    Bind l “say /laseron”
    Bind p “say /cp”
    bind t "say /tankhp"
    Bind F11 “say /buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 5;menuselect 4;say /laseron” (scout)
    Bind f9 “say /buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 4”
    bind f10 "say /cp"
    Bind mwheelup “+attack”
    Bind mwheeldown “+attack”
    Bind mouse4 (if your mousewheel can scroll left right) “say /buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 2;menuselect 2;say /laseron”(AK47. Why not M16? higher dps proven)
    Bind mouse5 “say /buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 2” (should be defillibrator)
    bind F2 "menuselect 0" (if you seldom vote no, since the number 0 is too far, and you want to remove the buy/cp screen)

    Why bind attack to mwheel? Cause you dont want to miss a shot just cause you squeeze a bit too much pressure :)

    What I've written is based on replies given by every single one who answered my questions either by voice or by spending time to type out in chat, and replying with information after this post to further improve it. Feel free to type in chat on questions, most of us will reply if not busy fighting off hordes or SI or tanks, via typing or voice.

    Oh, and speaking about voice, do NOT spam your voice screaming for help. You might get helped out of the server. :sad3:
    Everyone helps everyone here :)
    If there's someone who screams alot, in console, type voice_show_mute, it'll display a list of players and their respective number. e.g I'm number 3, then type in voice_mute 3, you'll mute me. To unmute, use voice_unmute 3.
    But, then again, I've not had any instance where I regret muting mic spam, and thankfully most of us here maintain proper radio contact and work :D

    Lastly after credits : if you like this server and intend to stay on, why not consider getting 2-3 months of donor to show your appreciation?
    You get to use /melee once, set your default melee weapon, get 1 free throwable, set your login message, a different chat name color.
    Or if you're the type that likes to have more EXP, get a 2x booster at least (toasters will not give double exp btw)

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    Before Davzee do it.....i do :D :D :P


    But good work !
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    Time to contribute my own.

    Well done! I'm sure that many people, myself included, strongly appreciate your contribution to this forum. You're relatively new to the community yet have already gone so far to contribute, kudos to you. However, just some pointers I'd like to beef up on - so allow me to help you (:

    HEADSHOT KILL on SI gives 1 bounty along with the bonus for the SI kill. Otherwise, non-lethal headshots do not give bonuses.
    REVIVES give 3 bounty on all 3 [Asia, USA, EU] servers. You are correct.
    BILING A TANK gives 3 bounty on all servers, not 5.

    COOP buffs are meant for COOP servers. Survivor and Infected buffs are meant for VS servers, where the respective sets of buffs will apply whichever role you are in.

    Just bear in mind reputation only applies to EU and USA servers. As the USA config is being used as the "beta-test", the reputation system might differ slightly from the EU one. The !rep system DOES NOT exist in Asia.

    Melee to NORMAL tanks on Asia does 2500 damage, melee to NORMAL tanks on USA/EU does crap. Specifically, it's around 56 damage to my knowledge. Hence the reason you do not melee tanks on USA/EU, and shoot them/set on fire/bile them to death.

    The tanks on USA/EU have different health, different dynamics compared to that in Asia. Bear this in mind. I won't go into much elaboration until a final config has been standardized across all three servers, which I believe will take some time.

    Above is true, but for Asia only. ALL Tanks on USA/EU take standard normal damage from all sources, with the exception of melee and fire.

    As stated further above melee does jack to ALL tanks, ONLY on USA/EU.
    Fire also does not work on paranoias, shamans and knights. Hence scouts and arctic warfare police [AWP] are the way to go on USA/EU.

    In this case I would like to learn from you: have you tested whether shamans and knights give rewards even to dead players [MUST NOT BE IN SPECTATOR MODE] on USA/EU? I know this holds true for Asia.

    In my few experiences with the metallized tank, sometimes you could set him on fire, sometimes you couldn't. When the survivors couldn't set him on fire... he was only ever consistently receiving damage by bile, which was a rather agonizing process.

    I suspect that "types of damage" can refer to damage from: fire, shotgun pellets, sniper rifle bullets, all other bullets, melee, explosions. This needs testing, and will be very interesting indeed.

    Higher number of incapped IN THE SAME LOCATION: i.e.: their incapacitated bodies overlap each other. 2 incapped survivors together being earthquaked by a paranoia has the same effect of a knight tank quaking one lone survivor, this has been observed on Asia.

    Bear in mind, melee to witches on Asia kill them in 4 hits. Melee on USA/EU no longer do as much.

    From what I've observed, melee takes about 10 hits on USA/EU with Team Pillar reputation. However, it's a very risky and unreliable method of killing one. Explosive scout/awp shots work the best, otherwise shotguns can be used to "crown" the witch, albeit its not really a crown cos it may take several blasts.

    Purple. Not orange. You can see th wiki Points Reloaded Guide for the full list of toasters. Note that bounty toasters no longer exist on the more recent configs, i.e.: USA/EU.


    In summary, just bear in mind the different configurations running on the different servers - Asia is the most different because it is running on the oldest config - EU is the 2nd most updated, USA is the newest [and still changing]. Don't spend too much time creating guides specific to the different configs, the last time I made one about knight and witch hunting on the old config [Asia's current one] Honorcode went around and made a completely new config. I presume that's due to these guides being viewed as spoilers :X
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    tyvm :)


    yep, that's why had to put that

    yeah, i'm gonna insert a : This guide is subject to changes as we've 3 different server configurations :P

    ok I'm lucky I got Tank Burger on EU, didnt know that =\

    Updated, and yep, that's why I aint putting anything about fire. That part has too much changes..

    in EU, plenty of times, if you know what I mean :P in USA, have yet to test the latest config

    yep, TBC so I've to put this portion at a 'vague' setting to ensure the reader dont get too comfy with this and go straight at the tank and go YOLO!! :trollface:

    thanks, updated

    agree, though I'll still ask the newcomers to leave it for the time being.. last night was... too interesting...


    yeah, i'm gonna insert a : This guide is subject to changes as we've 3 different server configurations :P
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    no worries, you didn't have to go to all that effort to quote me for every single suggestion I mentioned. lol
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    a good tip: don't blow up other people's fireworks or gas cans and stuff, it is rude! :W
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    Nice job McDonut

    I remember when you first visited the servers as level 1 xD

    Glad we retained you
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    Great work!
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    Wonderful Guide!
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    Bump for great guide.

    I did NOT know that melee and fire does shit damage to normal tanks on US/EU Co-op servers! And witches too, I'll know better next time. I don't understand why Asia servers has regular 2500 melee damage vs the shit damage to US/EU though, any answer on that to staff or veteran players?

    Also, thanks for the leatrix trick.. I play on USA in cali and pull a 150-200 ping, hope it brings it down a notch :P
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    Its a good Thing, i stickyed it.... :D
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    At one point, we had a "new COOP" configuration we were doing on the USA/EU servers. Asia was known as the "Old COOP," and it was more like a witch hunt and shooting gallery / molotov contest.

    The PR versions are very similar, if not almost the same... check !cp for the PR version. If they're not synced now, they will be eventually once bugs and other issues are sorted out.

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