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Balancing the COOP servers or Create one for lower level users.

Discussion in 'Game Server Ideas' started by FatalOE71, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. FatalOE71

    FatalOE71 Junior Member

    I played on a few servers and it seems that when there are lower level users the specials and tanks tend to seek them out. This makes it very unfriendly for new users trying to play or raise in level. Maybe make a COOP where lower level users could play and not be overwhelmed, by all the specials and tanks. I played tonight and there where 5 supercharged tanks the just batted me around like a tennis ball. When you play you expect it to be hard, but not impossible to clear a level. It also makes it difficult when most users, do not help out people just starting out, I have meet a few though that without their help I would have died or been left behind on the level. I want to thank those who did help out, that is what keeps people coming back and wanting to donate or even play.
  2. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Fatal, I have played with you before in COOP and I understand where you are coming from. When I first started I would die A LOT and thought the same thing how the game was very difficult. Once you start to upgrade your player and skills, the game will get easier but that does take some time to do. A tip I can give you is that when you shoot or melee tanks, that will make them focus on you so it is best to stay in a high place or out of the way when shooting tanks until you can get your level higher. Also, if you buy fire ammo for 10 bounty, you can one shot kill SI and let them burn. I still die multiple times a week and I have been playing forever :D

  3. I would like to mention a few links that will assist you in your journey through the RPG of points reloaded, MGftw's mod in left 4 dead 2.
    Mute's latest update on mgftw (V1.5.2.4)
    The Tank Tactics guide that mute has mainly made. I and other people have been helping out with the making of the guide itself, enjoy!
    Useful bindings for mgftw. Make sure you know what to do and what not to do with these.
    Quest Walkthroughs for when you do get stuck on quests. They are outdated however, so please ask us players/admins if you get stuck on any one of them.
    The Rules of mgftw. self-explanatory.

    keeping yourself updated on these forum posts and more can help you become a better mgftw player. I ^^ with fnord with the upgrading in !cp. You will eventually become a more knowledged and experienced player with more play time and higher levels in mgftw. Us players will be here on mgftw to make sure you can do your best ingame to the best of your ability, if you have any questions, please see any player or admin ingame and they will be happy to assist you.

    As of recent updates, the rate at which lower levels (1-200) level up in terms of cash and exp extremely increase, gradually decreasing the more you level up in mgftw. (from a rate equivalent to a 10x booster at low levels to a rate equivalent to less than a 5x booster at 100+).

  4. FatalOE71

    FatalOE71 Junior Member

    OK, just to clear this up I am not new to Left 4 Dead 2. I used to pay to Play on Patriot Games server and was rank 44th out of 9394 players. So I know about how the game works and leveling up and understand that you die in the beginning. But here are my issues: 1. I have no bounty to spend to buy things until I kill things. 2. I am not always free to play when others are on. This means it me and three dumb bots against a horde of zombies and multiple specials most of the time. 3. I did donate and even bought a 5x multiplier to level up quicker, but I am going backwards I die so often. 4. I am just tired of getting owned by every special. Just now I played and got bumped by a Boomer 100 feet in the air and killed. I watch it happen to a level 128 player that was on with me. He died and left the game.

    We play because it fun and hard, not to get owned so badly at the lower levels you want to quit. I am not rich and even if I was would not want to buy my levels. I want to earn them cause doing so make me a better player. But when your killed over and over again it like why even bother. I fail to see why it would be so hard to have a server from level 1 to say 100, that does not spawn as many specials or tanks as fast or often. Then another server for those above those levels. It gives new players a chance to level up without getting owned and just walking away from your service. To me it seems simple, that this would potentially increase memberships or even sales at the store.
  5. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Speaking from personal opinion here, not representative of every admin, but I feel a separate server for lower levels would segregate the player base in a bad way. If a low level were to join the normal server only to get shooed away saying they aren't good enough, it'd create a bad impression.

    Regarding balancing, it's a tough cookie, as on one hand, lower levels have not get completely destroyed, and on the other, we have to make it interesting or else no body would stick around. There are already some measures in place, such as basing difficulty off of player count, and spawning count based on average level, but I'll see if I can tinker with some stuff to make it more reasonable at lower levels.
  6. Whiskey

    Whiskey Junior Member

    There was a time when MG had a server for lower-lvl-players and for higher ones. I think I had to be, let me lie, lvl 100 to join the expert-server. It wasn't that much of a bad idea. I could lvl up in an easier and faster way and could join once i was "prepared" for the expert one. But I also couldn't play with my friends anymore, who lvled faster or were a higher lvl. There must have been a few reason why that server doesn't exist anymore. Maybe it does cost to much? Wasn't that one of the reasons the Asia-server got shot down?

    ...It is a difficult situation. Changes are made so the players are not bored and have a challenge. Just one example would be the 5k-health-buff most of the high-lvl-players have. I got the buff pretty late, because I thought my skills and buffs and everything I bought would be enough but while everyone could kill whatever-high-lvl-tank spawned, i got killed very VERY often. Now I have it and I survive... most of the time. But did i really have to buy it just so I won't die every 5 seconds...?

    Hope you can work something out, Mute!
  7. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Even with tenacity buff you can easily die in seconds (standing in inferno from Shaman for example or getting stun locked by Infernal's Meteor shower). What you shouldn't forget is that L4D(2) is supposed to be a team game. So you have to help each other in order to survive. Also the SI and tanks scale with the average player level.
  8. FatalOE71

    FatalOE71 Junior Member

    Well it still does not change the fact that Tanks key to low level players first, it happened twice in one level to me. The tank went after me and I never fired a shot at it. Neither tank was that close to me. There were other players that were closer to both tanks, but they keyed to me the lowest level player. I have asked on here to have it balanced. I have been given nothing but excuses, there is no reason there should not be a toned down server for lower level people. As far as Team play, I only found a few on the boards that even help the lower level players one (a-feii last part of their name has helped me over and over and I appreciate it very much). But for the most part there is not much team play, I even been blown up by higher level user shooting me with a grenade launcher. But if you don't believe me ask MG Fnord he was on today when I was hunted by both Tanks. With the lack of help or even an offer to balance the servers, I can't see myself spending any more money on your service or recommending it to anyone. All I gotten here are excuses.
  9. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    I understand where you are coming from, I think it's not a bad idea to give specials a higher preference to high-level players, unless the low-level player is really close, e.g. standing 1-2 meter from a tank. It's even more realistic because the high-level players are the biggest threat to the infected and high leveled players generally like the challenge so I don't think they would hate this idea.

    It's kinda hard to implement though, it should not be that low levels can roam the map freely and only high levels get all the action.
  10. Wanted to add on to what you said, about giving the specials a higher preference to high-level players. Would there perhaps be an increased amount of aggression the special infected have against a particular survivor depending on how high the player's current level is?

    Also about the tanks, could the same thing said about special infected also apply for them?

    You still need to assume that aggro of the tanks on the survivor can be instantly reset for the currently targeted survivor if the following is succeded. (In order of priority from highest to lowest)
    *Survivor uses minigun (currently is using it at the time tank changes aggression)
    *Tank ability conditions are fulfilled, depending on the type of tank fought.
    *Survivor gets vomited on
    *Survivor shoves tank several times in a few seconds

    Forgot to mention that ice, frozen drainer and freezing tank will still aggro on you while your slowly flying until your out of their range. Another thing is that I see with tanks is that tank might decide to still pound a very nearby incapitated survivor and not aggro on you (you must literally be within 3 feet of the incapitated survivor for this aggro to take effect)

    The low level players deserve a fighting chance against the specials and the tank on harder difficulties, but not allowing free damage on them to occur frequently.
  11. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Well the Speedy tank likes to pin you into a corner either till you are dead or incapped unless lured away with minigun for example.
  12. FatalOE71

    FatalOE71 Junior Member

    You can not fix this issue as long as you have players under level 100 lets say and higher level players the only way to do this is to run two servers. That way lower levels have a chance to learn and level up without getting owned or beat down over and over again. On the lower level server you tone down the tanks and special so they do not spawn as fast or often. This promotes new user to want to spend money cause they don't feel they are getting constantly owned even time they play. Right now I am level 43 or 44, I constantly see user 100+ rushing ahead and since I am not as powerful or fast I lag behind and often die. I was playing and a admin came on changed the level to dead air the last level (airport runway) he then spawned 5 tanks with some kind of red shield around them. I was like a ping pong ball all over the place with then Tanks being the rackets. You can't do that and expect the lower levels to spend money, it no fun and your admin is abusing his power. Not once during that game did he help me in anyway at all it was a-feii that keep getting me up most of the time. Oh and the admin name at least what they called him/her was Choo Choo.
  13. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah it's not easy to implement but you could add a chance based system, 90% chance it will attack level 100+, 10% below. It wouldn't count for tank though only for SI or you will run into the issues timkit mentions.
  14. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Choo Choo I can't believe you annoyed Fatal! I have said this before and I will say it again "MG IS SERIOUS BUSINESS", no fun allowed! Who wants to kill 5 tanks and lvl up, psssh :D
  15. Exactly marvel, I think its enough to say that a tank aggression on a low level player can be simply reduced/reset by following the above. That way the low level player has a less likely chance to get killed. Not a bad idea about the aggression thing for SI's as I could potentially see it saving a low health low level player from death. Although, what you say in general about the SI is it also talking about the uber special infected alongside it?
  16. I must entirely disagree with the last statement itself. There is absolutely no way in which i've seen Choochoo abuse his admin powers on the COOP server itself. Infact I myself have never seen him do it since the past year and this year for the time i've been playing mgftw

    If you do want an explanation of what he does on the COOP server, here it is.
    Choochoo will normally do tank events at RANDOM where there is a number of different variations of them. (I think)
    "TANKY TIME" is the first variation
    in whatever finale it is (or death toll/blood harvest finales (HIS FAVOURITE) etc) depending on the campaign, Choochoo will play some music and then give players a chance to pick the dice roll (the dice roll is random from 1-6 and it is the number of tanks that you can expect to encounter ALL at once) that they think will give them the highest number of tanks. Once the voting is finished, Choochoo then will put up the results in the chatbox for all to see and to react to. After a few more seconds pass, then the tanks will be spawned 1 by 1 every few seconds until they get to the limit of the dice roll.

    Now one thing to understand...
    If any of the tanks spawned are a tier 2 or a tier 3 tank alongside the current tanks spawned, Choochoo will stop spawning tanks as if the limit was reached. This is so the survivors have an easier chance of surviving against all tanks fought for any current finale.

    Now if the following conditions happen, Choochoo will do another dice roll again as the above.
    + If players successfully defeat all tanks and the timer has not reached below at least 1/4 of the finale time remaining. (To satisfy this condition also, there must be at least 8 players alive)

    If the following condition is failed, the dice rolls for the tanks will either stop completely, ending the "TANKY TIME" event (If Choochoo leaves the server) or will be continued on the next finale (If Choochoo wishes to continue the "TANKY TIME" event).

    I'll put the link of the music that plays when Choochoo spawns the tanks in the off topic section (if I need to do that)

    Will update this forum post if needed. Thanks for reading. just wanted to make sure everyone knew (most of mgftw knows anyway...) about what Choochoo does on the COOP server.

  17. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    I've been away most of the weekend but here's my view.


    Admins will occasionally host thrilling events, often rewarding players who participate in them.

    Straight from the "servers" tab at the top of the page, this is undoubtedly what Choo-Choo was doing and in no way abusing his admin power.
    We all do these events from time to time, and they are meant to be challenging, but are also very rewarding.

    As for general difficulty on the servers, and has been said earlier in the thread, balance is extremely difficult to get, however segregating the players, is not the answer in my opinion. You also mentioned players rushing ahead, if this is in fact the case, they're breaking the rules, that's nothing to do with balance, it's a team game, they should help.

    Stick with it Fatal, keep upgrading, it's worth it in the long run.

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