Awards and how to earn them?

Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 6, 2012.

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    Hellooo, I have a question about the rewards/awards system and how to earn them?
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    There are no "Awards" atm , there were a time ago but they were deleted for some reason.
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    but i got an award for 1 kill with the pump shotgun. It was recent like about 3 days ago
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    hmmm Old thread..

    by award I think he means this and not the old achievements that MG servers exclusively used to host. I mostly play PR so lets talk about it.
    1. Awards are allocated on daily basis.
    2. None of the awards are redeemable for anything on MG servers, its only for fun

    The only way to get an award is to play on servers & deal the most damage on that day. There's a slight description in every award's category for example: from the above link I picked up GET OFF MY LAWN award category. just below it says 1 Gnome smash kills. SO you get an idea that this award may be earned by carrying a gnome & killing SI with it. Some awards may be specific to a particular map/campaign. The best bet is play a lot, the awards will eventually come through.

    Hope this helps

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