Aussie server test (Sydney)

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by marvel, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hi all,

    We have an Aussie server running, hopefully this will help out our players from that continent, have fun! :)

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  2. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Full report good ping 30-40 ish from brisbane, PR did not load at all, SR door was bugged did not open easily last map on the mansion place thing. crashed when i tried to open door to the maze area.

    EDIT: crashed 2nd time seems some server capacity is lacking or something along those lines
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  3. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The crashing is probably me restarting it to try to fix the issue. It seems it's currently a database issue, so just gotta wait for marvel to sort it out.

    Nevermind, sorted it out, some files were missing.
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  4. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    I got another problem where none of the PR shows up in chat eg quest completed xp and cash gained, bounty earnt, tank spawned etc

    EDIT: Moving to next map seemed to fix it
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  5. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Had a problem with no mercy where finale just looped. At around 5-6 players my ping goes up from 40 to 80 is what i observed.
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  6. Fated 0ne

    Fated 0ne Junior Member

    Shortly after joining, I can only briefly use commands e.g. !laseron, !buy, !cp - then the menu doesn't show along with any indication of a command working. With that being said, the chat doesn't work, it is only the periodic messages from the server that appear. Also, I couldn't open the saferoom door at the beginning of a map and can't close the one at the end. :s
  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    RIP the Australian mgftw Server. it definitely was not popular anyways. At the very least however ASIA COOP and ASIA VS (yes you heard that right) are active every day you see players on them. ASIA VS is currently only active right now because of player invites, not due to natural player joining.
  8. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yes I had to remove it sorry, no way to pay that much money for a server that has hardly any people on it. The routing sucked anyway most if was going through Canada.

    Can't say we didn't try, we might try again later when things improve :)
  9. Oshirai

    Oshirai New Member

    I think because PR server using traits such as lvl, skill, buff, upgrade, etc
    So people who is still low level / new people that want to play purely with skill alone they feel like been 'cheated' so they prefer another server. Just my 2 cent

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