A Talk about a possible VS revival event in the future

Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by timkit [â„¢Ûž], Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Do any of you miss VS? do the VS players miss the Versus fun that we had together? Does anyone still have suggestions that maybe we should now revive VS?

    this could be the questions you ask people or that I ask you :)

    anyways now onto the main point here. I have steam chatted ミLuke Skywalker彡and |MG| Stefeman about yesterday and he told me about a suggestion for a VS related event that he had in mind. That event he described it in a question to me in steam chat. The following stuff said is below.

    ミLuke Skywalker彡: is it possible for head admins to hold events for a exp-rich event?
    [Zero] timkit [â„¢Ûž]: what do you mean?
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: Like 1 or 2 nights where vs gives loads of gift of exp, gems and stuff
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: more than usual
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: to get ppl play it?
    [Zero] timkit [â„¢Ûž]: ah you mean VS related event.
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: coz its dead now
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: u should better raise this in forum or to the admins directly hmm
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: also provide a chance for us to help them spot flaws or so
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: to help them do a major update for vs
    |MG| Stefeman: cause we'd have to recompile the whole entire PR plugin
    |MG| Stefeman: due fact it has more than, what.. 40 thousand lines
    |MG| Stefeman: at 2015
    |MG| Stefeman: probly even more now
    |MG| Stefeman: Technically I could do that but I have no idea how. So in order to change xp values ​honorcode is needed
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: hmmm
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: if its worths compiling, better do it coz it can brings back more players
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: i also wanna see my new clan members in a fight
    |MG| Stefeman: At most i could change it manually every map
    |MG| Stefeman: or make an .cfg file which does it
    |MG| Stefeman: but it wouldn't be as stable as a change in code
    |MG| Stefeman: so yeh, any of us can do that
    |MG| Stefeman: but only honorcode can do it well

    (non-relevant stuff was said beyond the steam chat, so this here is it for relevance)

    So what this chat means is that if we wanted to hold a VS revival event just like the Hidden Infected community wanted their HI (Hidden Infected) revival event. then we would need to get HonorCode to do the code changes so that PR can be updated. (whichever future version it happens, could be could be 1.5.2 or could even be 1.6, who knows? because I don't)

    Also about what ミLuke Skywalker彡said here about
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: u should better raise this in forum or to the admins directly hmm
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: also provide a chance for us to help them spot flaws or so
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: to help them do a major update for vs

    it means that if there is any bugs remaining in VS and the fact that the valentine event (long since gone) was supposed to have ended on VS. then the respective admins can get us to help them out. This as an effect can eventually cause an update for VS to come by if it is so needed.

    ミLuke Skywalker彡: i also wanna see my new clan members in a fight

    It means that ミLuke Skywalker彡would probably like to see Clan Wars return. However, since honorcode hasn't had any thoughts about it. lets not think about Clan Wars and leave it for another future (same thing goes for non-relevant modes)

    ミLuke Skywalker彡: hmmm
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: if its worths compiling, better do it coz it can brings back more players

    What ミLuke Skywalker彡 says about it is that he thinks changing the exp values by code so that we get say 2, 3 or 5 times our normal exp for just 1 or 2 nights of VS. then it would have a positive effect of bringing back players to some success (not guaranteed)

    If any of you have suggestions for VS or have anything to say about the VS revival event. post below! Thanks for reading. :)

    Anyways I should mention currently that the valentine event is still on in VS, if im correct. and we can't connect to the server without it kicking us out (minor bug)

    Will edit this post if needed.
  2. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    At the moment versus needs bug fixing as in not being able to buy tanks. (team bounty bug still present). Also maybe giving lower levels a better chance to achieve something against high level players.
  3. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    You guys all know that I am 100% up for reviving Points Reloaded Versus. More maps and campaigns needed updated to feel refreshed and new again.
  4. Of cause ChooChoo. we know that some campaigns. i.e Dark Carnival need to have work done on them. Us players would be glad to help you out by testing them when needed :) This also includes finding and fixing any bugs that have been detected :) (You know that HonorCode is the one who needs to fix any bug that is reported to him)
  5. ChooChoo

    ChooChoo Head Administrator Staff Member

    I know some people want me to change a few things on Dead Center and other maps as welll, and I would be happy to do so when I find the time.
  6. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    I changed the wrong information of your post for you, as you decided to exclude my latter messages and some of which was taken out of content.

    Sure, a VS event would be nice but this must be done by honorcode as he has access to the code.
  7. Apologies that I forgot to include your steam chat stuff the first time stefeman. anyways, thanks for doing the edits. the post now helps people to better understand it. We will now have to see what HonorCode says for himself about a possible VS revival event :) its only just a matter of time
  8. anthem

    anthem Junior Member

    Hello There i come here to talk aout versus , i am Pain aka Roland Culé .

    For me a ancient versus players ( i created or manage all guild on top3 for remember ) without a global unban for ancient veteran like a duncan ( he play usually on versus ) , angel , rockstar , etc . Can be a good idea to revive versus .
    Why ? without regular people you going do the same thing like clan battle , a Hype during 24 hours for only 3 people still here .

    Problem stay more why stay a lot of sever of versus full out mgftw ( 10vs10 by example full 24/7) and your server is empty all time ? You really think with a event like that you going have more usually people ? those stay now are nearly 216 so given more aren't a good idea for me .

    If just now , you can put our error for those of past ( players or admin ) just for have fun and some versus like before we can have finally what you search , revive this server .

    I didn't blam Honorcode or choo works , without them we have a just a vanilla , and stefeman still , may be for me and for other for what i speak with other on steam , one of best admin .

    I am may be the only post here really play versus , so before have a opinion think about what people search , you promise fun , i know i can give and some ancient friend can give too .

    Hope opinion for each old oponnent can evolve now to have a new way for mgftw .

    Thanks .
  9. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    This "reviving versus"- event and unbanning players are two separate things.

    Everyone is more than welcome to submit their own individual ban appeals, and the admins included in the ordeal will handle those by either approving or rejecting them. If someone was banned by Honorcode he alone will get to decide if he wants to give the person another chance.

    If the admin no longer exists, someone else will decide for him.
  10. anthem

    anthem Junior Member

    I do not only search be unban stef ^^ but how revive versus if we can , and in my opinion seem the best way if just some veteran replay on versus sometimes ( principally week end it's better than nothing if we can have people week end than nothing) and i know the regular way ... kinda funny if i pass what i say adward more search provocate and no-sense than trying evolve something ^^ i have 27 years bro , and when a guy of 17 years limit insult than search response to my request ( hay-wee can say she was here) , i'm not going try another time to find another kid on admin .
    I'm rememer when you give me 216 after some months with some bugs , reason i say your a good admin stef and my opinion are shared . Not for all admin if you want from news from server .
  11. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    hi again roland,

    I'll keep this short and sweet - I'm 23, I work full time, and i'm going to be heading back into education this year. i'm not some oddball kid on a power trip.

    you asked me (through hay-wee) to consider reversing your permanent ban.

    i discussed it with an available root (raz), as the banning admin (erik) is no longer active, and we agreed to keep your ban in place, due to several reasons:

    - long history of bans from the servers
    - stirring up drama on the forums
    - deliberately evading your permanent ban through an alt account

    i don't have a problem with you personally, i wish you all the best in your real endeavours, but get over this.


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