A Few Questions & Bug_Rpt

Discussion in 'DayZ Servers' started by Mr Zombie, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Ok, so I have started playing on the MG Day_Z Server and,

    1] Could we have a few more M14 AIM and DMR ammo & AS50 ammo spawns
    as there is so little of it.
    2] There are no Heli's, could we please have some even if they are just the
    little birds.
    3] Tools kits, I have just spent most of the night looking for one, more are
    needed, &/or a few working cars/bikes/push bikes near the bridge as im sure
    I almost nearly died from exposure crossing that thing last night.

    Small Bug Report

    The castle in Nove Dor
    The stairs leading to the Inner section have the lower part of the stairs missing.
    (Small Island) has a large floating rock in it.

    1] I was wondering when the compass will be fixed as it's completely reversed or so it seams.

    2] The map position marker also does not work right, No matter where I click on
    the map it shows the distance to, I forget the town name, but it the one that
    is on the right after the island bridge.

    PS Like the change in the amount of zombie spawns, with their reduced speed
    its way more fun with the spawn increase :)

    Thanks, Loke.

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