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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play Around Pushing to Level 180+ from 125, including Bufflist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marshmallowed, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. Marshmallowed

    Marshmallowed New Member

    You have been playing a lot on your own, grinding and have finally reached 125 after finally getting in after queuing for more then 30 minutes, but alas, the game mode is on Expert. You panic cause you know you'll die immediately the moment you step your foot out of the saferoom, but don't worry. This guide will help you get your exp faster for you to level up quicker.

    Do not worry about dying or getting incapped a lot during these early levels.The common infected slaps really hard, and the SI will obliterate you into incapacitation within seconds. Knowing this, try your very best to be either at front or in the middle of the pact. This way, if you get pulled by a smoker, pounced on by a jockey, pinned by hunter, pummeled by a charger or just plain old crawling on the floor, the team can quickly pick you up or defib you. DO NOT FARM FROM THE BACK. This will hinder the progress of the map and you might hear an earful from the team. Remember always play at front or in the middle.


    And here are the explanations on why this buffs are very helpful for your push to level 180+:

    - Knife [Equipment Buffs - Level Requirement: 1] Knife is basically your lifeline on every situation possible. By clicking M3 or Middle Click, you will either cut off the smoker tongue or kill the infected that pinned you [Hunter, Jockey or Charger]. Note that you should ONLY USE THIS DURING EMERGENCIES - when team is so far away that they can't get to you fast enough and you are about to hit 100 incapped health. With the clan upgrade Extra Knife, you effectively get 2 knives at your disposal. Using the buff Knife Bag will give you another knife but I do not recommend using/equipping this. Learn to trust your teammates.

    - Deadly Shove [Ability Buffs - Level Requirement: 100] Each round, the first 3 Special Infected you shove will instantly die, thus giving you free exp. Don't worry about using those charges up quickly because it recharges every 3 minutes. Additionally, you can shove chargers to stagger them and this enables you to shove endlessly as if you are under the effects of Adrenaline. (edited)

    - Adrenaline Run [Utility Buffs - Level Requirement: 35] Whenever you walk on water or a tank is alive in coop, you will gain infinite Adrenaline effect. This means you zoom on water or you run pretty quickly when the tank is alive. This helps you and the team maintain a steadfast pace of progress for that map.

    - Observer [Economy and Exp Buffs - Level Requirement: 40] Observer gives you more exp for killing the infected by (current level x 5)%, up to 1500% or 1.5x. This paired nicely with Deadly shove will help you secure the exp you will need to level up quickly.

    - Moribund Farming [Economy and ExpBuffs - Level Requirement: 90] Since the infected deals a ton of damage, you will be having low %hp every time. This buff lets you gain an extra 2% exp and cash every percent permanent health missing below 50%. If incapacitated, you gain a flat 25% exp and cash bonus instead. (edited)

    - Anger Ignition [Defensive Buffs - Level Requirement: 5] When you are hit by any type of infected, you gain 1% chance to ignite everything around you. 1% per hit might not seem much, but it stacks up and when it procs, it is really really useful.

    - Dummy Rounds [Equipment Buffs - Level Requirement: 125] Dummy rounds give you a 20% chance not to consume an ammunition, it does not work with the Grenade Launcher, sadly. That being said, you will spend less time reloading, resupplying ammo, or buying new guns from the !buy menu.

    - Guardian Moustachio [Defensive Buffs - Level Requirement: 105] Before lethal damage is taken, you will gain the Moustachio Bless for 5 seconds. Moustachio Bless will block most form of damage with the exception of fall damage.

    - Infected Swarm Protection [Defensive Buffs - Level Requirement: 50] You will gain 3% defense against common infected multiplied by the number of the CI within 135 unit range. This also lowers the aggro you gain on them by 50%.

    - Tank Slayer [Offensive Buffs - Level Requirement: 60] Every 4 seconds, your next shot from a ranged weapon will deal a bonus of 300 damage on tanks. This will help you secure the minimum damage on tanks, which is usually 1% on coop, for you to be eligible for the rewards.

    - Cheap Goggles [Equipment Buffs - Level Requirement: 1] Cheap Goggles will block Boomer Bile from blinding you once every two minutes. It also protects your eyes from mud which usually is inflicted by the crawlers in the Swamp Fever campaign, and blood splatter from zombie kills.

    - Student [Other Buffs - Level Requirement: 10] Student buff gives you 4 exp per second if there is at least one player that has higher level than you. Only works if you are alive. Now, Student is really helpful in gaining your valuable exp since on expert, for sure there will be at least one player with higher level than you, but bundled with moribund farming and you get more exp per second. To make matters even better, you can try getting the |+| Scholar buff enhancement by entering /craft Scholar on the chat. This will enable you to gain 4 exp per second for each player that has a higher level than you.

    These buffs were the ones I personally used to level up really, really fast, and that is the reason why I am suggesting these buffs for you.

    If you have any questions, don't be shy and @ me in mg discord.

    Happy Hunting!
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