Explanation of this guide (TI)

Jan 11, 2019
Explanation of this guide (TI)
  • Explanation of this guide (TI V1.0.1)

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    Welcome! If you happen to be lost and need to know about what this guide is for... then you must have landed on this page.

    This guide will cover everything to do with the !tankinfo command. It is essentially also an online version of it where you can look up any tank that exists. Tanks that can be spawned on the mgftw COOP, Custom COOP, VS and Scenario servers are listed here. It's more of an information guide on getting to know each tank ability rather than a strategy guide covering each tank in specific detail. If you want to go check out a strategy guide based on this, you can do so here: Marvelous Gaming COOP Special Tank Info Tactics