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[PR] Dominion's Dogma - Recruitment/information

Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by Horama, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    We have few slot

    I formate also a new co-leader asian , you want my opinion ? Asian clan just recruit without helping their members and communicate , i need make thing clear by example at european hours for scenario the DPS is like X2 compare to asian hours , with those false clan have the name but arent a mini community , people from asia are less experimented , listen less strategy and leave after 1 months of playing . You Dont need to copy me other leader try since 6 years and doesnt survive to time , make your own spirit into your clan . This new co-leader listen my lessons can help you to enjoy even more the game ;)
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  2. Trần Quang Minh

    Trần Quang Minh New Member

    1. IGN: Trần Quang Minh & FN: ๖ۣۜWTF๖ۣۜSouls
    2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198361199949
    3. Lvl 151
    4. ASIA Server 1 & 2
    5. I want to join you want to play with everyone
    6. I'm 18 years old from Vietnam , I enjoy playing video games especially FPS games.
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Thy was fast , welcome , contact me in case you need help for something about game
  4. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    DD have some slot , we research serious and active players , we have a very active discord and a team spirit ( not as low level clan ) , you going learn a lot and can be promote in future to reward your participation into clan . Contact a member of DD staff if you feel your ready to join us
  5. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I think we are full , good work by co-leaders . Im less playing since some week ( Finish some gud games and irl stuff )but the staff stay very active by example they stay top1 of fortress by far without my help , i stay all day in our discord to help
    If you wanna join our clan , i can may be do a slot , i promise nothing but i stay in good term with those stop so can easily discuss wtih someone can let you his slot
    If you want the best experience from mgftw , DD is the best choice

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