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  1. [Kor]Karmin

    [Kor]Karmin New Member

    1. IGN & FN : [kor]karmin
    2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045397817/
    3. 132
    4. i'm usually play on ASIA Server
    5. I'm Lonly, because i don't know anyone. So i want join a clan
    6. I'm 26 years old and i live in a south korea

    I look forward to your kind cooperation.
  2. NetXe

    NetXe Junior Member

    Karmin please contact cet or zero for adding you to our clan,
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i add you on steam contact me when your online
  4. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    We have to wait 3 days coz he leave clan cet will manage that
  5. Derflinger

    Derflinger MG Donor

    IGN: Derflinger, FN: Gorgc
    Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/derflinger22/
    Level: 168
    Server: Coop ASIA & 2
    Reason: been out of the former guild about 3 years need a new one
    Info About Me: I'm from Philippines, 20 years old, Likes to play video games especially FPS games.
  6. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i will add you im okay and we have slot actually , contact me when you accept my friend request
  7. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    im back active for a moment , staff will be update in few days , i think we have 2 slot fyi
  8. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    We are full for moment
  9. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I promote banshee as co-leader , i think it's first time we have a co-leader under level200 , i wanna show we are open to new players , mostly i work by feeling and for old mgftw players they can say i rarely do a error
  10. Banshee

    Banshee New Member

    I think that too, but soon enough i m 200, dont worry about that one thing.
    Anyway thanks again for the Trust that u give in me. :)

  11. Kouhaku 2

    Kouhaku 2 New Member

    1. IGN & FN : Kouhaku
    2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/KouhakuRUU
    3. 152
    4. ASIA Server 1&2
    Get out of the old clan because they are not online anymore.
    And want to find a new clan that brings back to enjoy the game again.
    6.I am 23 from Thailand,I'm always online after work.
  12. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I accept i see you ingame :) we are full i need do a slot and i will contact you on steam
  13. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I do a little clean in inactive , we have 2 slot
  14. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    2 People wait the 3 days cooldown even one of them are on 'whishlist' for a slot ( wait a free slot ) , full for a moment .

    Since Fortress Ranking is here we are top1 each week , congrats DD

    We are top1 rank since october 2017
  15. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    we have a 3 slot available
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  16. Banshee

    Banshee New Member

    Added 2 people, and riz rejoin the Clan, so no slots left.

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  17. Wes [Ω]

    Wes [Ω] MG Donor

    Can I still join DD again?
  18. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    No wes you already join 2 or 3 times , i try , i let chance once , i think your aren't the profile i search , my apologize , i principaly look what the players done in clan and for clan , you was inactive just when join DD . it's like you just want the tag
  19. Wes [Ω]

    Wes [Ω] MG Donor

    Yes, you did let me join, but I wasn't inactive, it's just that I have a job and it's a huge time difference for where I live. I'm not joining because I want the tag, it's because I want to be part of a good clan.
  20. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I continue pass by the forum but mostly we recruit ingame , old members return or in discord , we have a average of 1-2 slot by week actually , mostly too , the slot is taken the same day i do the slot .

    Our discord is very active , it's not obligatory : it's for your pleasure of game , Around 100 people into , section open to people out of clan , section reserved for members and a staff ; played as a team in coop game seem better for your own development than be solo .

    Regarding fortress : we are first since this update is here so congrats to all DD participe to our domination
    regarding other clan : Most of them are friendly for us , but even , usually a clan search be a ennemy dissapear few months after in limbo , it's not warning it's a fact .

    The new staff is composed by :

    Horama as leader ( or like they call it supreme leader XD )
    Zero , banshee and cet as co-leaders
    Alchemist , THy , Yankee , derflinger , michaelone , raito , ravennes and jammegi as veteran

    You can contact one of them in case you need information

    The following question stay used for a recruitment :

    For any joining request :

    1. In-Game name & Forum Name
    2. Steam Link
    3. Current Level ( we accept only 120+)
    4. What Servers you usually play on
    5. Reason to join our clan than another
    6. Something about yourself....
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